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Voice over E-learning! What is it? Well, it's anything with an educational component ... from "first concepts" books for toddlers to ESL to compliance training for corporations. It could be a video that talks you through the steps of sanding and staining your deck or technical training for IT workers. Math tutorials for home-schoolers or instructions on operating a medical laser. You get the picture.

Many voice actors find that e-learning makes up a significant percentage of their work. Even better? Many eLearning clients are happy to work on YOUR schedule! It's also a brilliant way to show off any special skills you have! Are you fluent in medical or legal terminology? There are oodles of jobs in those categories that many other voice actors avoid because they aren't comfortable with the vocabulary. Comfortable with business lingo? You could become "the voice" of a corporation's training materials. Do you know the high-tech or IT industries? Plenty of scripts need your expertise. Do you love weird vocabulary words? Get yourself involved in a dictionary app!

So here's where the training comes in: Each of these areas of e-learning has a slightly different "industry standard" for its typical delivery style. How formal should you be for a corporate script? How do you narrate a program for kids without accidentally sounding condescending? What's the difference between a list and a collection of bullet points? How do you keep yourself engaged in lengthy scripts? It's not difficult -- simply conquer a few techniques and you'll have access to one of the largest sectors of the voice-over industry.

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E-Learning Evaluation

Private voice over evaluations are designed to candidly assess your ability to either supplement your income or work full-time as a voice over actor. Terrific for anyone with a unique voice, previous training, or specific goals. Also consider the Investigate Voice Over Class.

Skype/Telephone Consultation

E-Learning Consultation

When you have questions or want guidance, it helps to speak to someone with experience in that topic. That's why we offer private consultations. You'll speak one-to-one with an industry expert and have a terrific opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

E-Learning Training

While we offer a variety of important classes here at Edge Studio, we also provide private voice over training. Each approach has important benefits. One-to-one voice over coaching -- with an experienced professional coach -- is sometimes the best way to hone your delivery and fine tune your performance.

E-Learning Demo Recording

Your voiceover demo is quite possibly the single most useful tool you have in getting your voice heard and allowing potential clients to have a full understanding of what you offer as a unique and professional voice talent. Because of this, it is crucial that your demo be of pristine quality and represent you in the best possible light.
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$30 Performance Checkup

Get private professional feedback on a recording for $30! Upload a recording of one script up to 60-seconds long, and receive professional feedback in your inbox! Select from our industry experts, or let us match you with a coach who specializes in the genre of your recording.
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