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Welcome to the largest voice-over performance forum in the world! Peer-to-peer powered!

    1. Get feedback on your recordings from peers and professional coaches!

    2. Give feedback to your peers by dropping your 2-cents!

    3. Interact and build a reputation in your community!

Benefits of Using the Feedback Forum

Our Feedback Forum develops your vocal capabilities and confidence as a voice actor. It's a terrific (and free!) opportunity to: not done yet

  • Explore new styles
  • Benchmark how you compare to others
  • Get over fear and nervousness
  • Train yourself to self-direct and self-record
  • Improve upon the styles that you’re already comfortable with

4 Examples of When to Use the Feedback Forum

Practice Recordings "Practice at home everyday!" It's one of the keys to voice-over success. But without feedback, it's tough to judge and improve your performance and home studio quality!

Auditions Important audition? Or wondering why you’re not winning more of them? Your peers and professional Edge Studio coaches can provide insight! It’s a terrific double-check against blunders! Click here for instructions

Demos It's nice if your Mom loves your demo, but she probably doesn't know the business. Feedback from your peers and professional Edge Studio coaches is much more valuable. And here you can ask them!

Paid Jobs Clients expect quality the first time around. So let your peers or professional Edge Studio coaches double-check your work before your clients hear it. Especially important when your client wants a delivery style outside your comfort-zone!


To Get Feedback

  • Upload a recording or demo by clicking either Free Peer Feedback or Private Pro Feedback
  • Follow the simple prompts.
  • Done! We’ll email you when you receive feedback!

To Give Feedback

  • Log-in
  • Select either Awaiting Feedback or any other category
  • Listen to a recording and click “Add a comment.”
  • Done!


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