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Friday July 19


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    70 people have played this

    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear gbocz21's recording


    Peer Feedback:

    Hi Gbocz21 - your audio level is SO low you can barely hear your read. If I turn up my speakers so I can hear your read, and compare it to others posted here, the others almost blow me out of my chair.

    I'm not sure what DAW you're using to record your audio, but you may want to do a YouTube search on the program you're using (Audacity, Audition, ProTools, etc) for settings. For instance, I just did a search for Audacity Voice Over Settings and a whole bunch of tutorials come up.

    I would start with fixing your audio first, and then submit again, so people can give you proper constructive feedback on your read and delivery.

    Best of luck! ~Rich

    Peer Feedback:

    Thanks, Rich for the feedback and advice! I appreciate it. I will be reuploading this again.

    Peer Feedback:

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    Peer Feedback:

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    37 people have played this

    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear eppervesce's recording

    Interested in any feedback at all, thanks.


    Peer Feedback:

    Hi, Eileen (hope that's spelled correctly)

    Very pleasant, enjoyable voice. Your delivery was energetic, but not over the top.

    But...I personally am not a big fan of audio slating at the top. That's just me. Also...
    there was a strange echo in your recording. Couldn't quite wrap my head around what it was...but it was there. The recording also sounded a bit hollow...did you acoustically deaden the room in any way?

    Get the technical issues resolved, and then resubmit it.

    Keep at it!!!!


    Peer Feedback:

    Thanks, Mike. What do you mean audio slating? Aren't we supposed to say our name at the top? About the hollow sound, that is all new to me, too. I am sitting in my living room with a head set that has a microphone. Nothing special at all. Should I go into a smaller room?

    Peer Feedback:

    To Mike's point - a vast majority of people who post recordings on this forum don't slate, they just go straight into the copy. We know who is posting because your name (or log on name) is posted with your submission. And if you do slate, there's that quandary of, "Do I slate in the character and/or tone of the copy, or in my normal speaking voice?" You can write or request specific things about comments in step 7 before you post.

    Instructions for slating, how to slate or even not slating at all are usually given in the instructions for the weekly script contests. That's where it is truly important - in following direction. It could make the difference between getting the job or not being heard at all.

    The "echo" may be due to any noise reduction processing you may have put on the recording. Eliminating some frequencies through that process also eliminates the same ones in your voice, making it sound hollow. Fiddling with the EQ may help. But if you are not familiar with any of that and just want to keep posting for practice, by all means do so and ignore comments about the quality of your recording. It'll come in time.

    Nice and upbeat read with a lot of "smile." I wasn't sure which audience you were trying to court though. The beginning sounded like it was more for parents, but toward the end it sounded more geared toward kids.

    Peer Feedback:

    Hi, Eileen. Are you just starting? I only see a couple of recordings on this forum from you, but I thought this was an awfully nice job and I assume you've done some voice work before. Good clarity and flow, and pace. Lots of smile.

    I agree that it's a little stuck in the middle ground between how you would read for the parents versus for the kids. I think there's room to go even more enthusiastic if it's for the kids. Scott Burns had a fun exercise in his Saturday class yesterday, in which he had a student read a rather straight narration in the style of a storybook for very young kids. You could play around with reading it that way first--all squeaky voiced and huge pitch range--and then dial it back with the next read to see if it vocally frees you a little more in that direction.

    But I thought it was a good read. The recording quality was do-able for me to hear your read well and still critique it without getting distracted.

    Welcome to the forum!


    Peer Feedback:

    I'm just going to focus on the recording this time. What's being described as the hollow sound sounds to me like either of two sources. Either the electronic processing mentioned earlier (used for noise reduction etc.) or something I have encountered quite a bit in my engineering career while recording vocals. Artists will sometimes have their headphones too loud and be using more open-ear type headphones. Before there is actual feedback, you can get a phasing/flanging effect as the mic can "hear" your head phones from a short distance away and there will be variable frequency cancellations that can produce the effect described. Should that be the cause, you can turn your headphones down and/or use very closed ear headphones. Of course, if you are using any processing, you need to experiment with listening to your takes with and without processing. I'm not hearing this as room related but you shouldn't rule anything out.

    Peer Feedback:

    Great suggestions. I appreciate them so much. Very specific. I'll keep going!

    Peer Feedback:

    Tonia --
    Scott Burns was my VO teacher in Seattle. I attend 3 or 4 of his classes over 2 years...they were the whole basis of any VO training that I claim to have.

    He does a famous Tom Brokaw imitation. And a flawless Barney Fife....goad him into doing one of those in your next session with him.

    Dave Saunders

    Peer Feedback:

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    Walt Disney World Resort Promo Redux


    Thanks to the Disney Story Rooms at Walt Disney World Resort, you can dream even when you’re awake! Because these rooms don’t just let you stay and play inside some of your favorite Disney stories, they let you feel as if you’re a Character in them too! Go ahead and start your “Once upon a time” today.


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