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Tuesday March 31


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    There is a rhythm to life. We sleep at night - and wake in the morning. It's the sleep cycle that helps keep us in a healthy balance. But, for millions of Americans, sleep doesn't always come easily. For them, there's AMBIEN.

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    New to forum and voicing. Appreciate any feedback. --Cara Lee


    Peer Feedback:

    For a newbie, you have a great feel for this business and a beautiful voice to go with it. Best of luck.

    Peer Feedback:

    There's always something someone can find in just about any read but for starting out you've rounded third and are sure to make it home.

    Peer Feedback:

    Great job, Caralee!

    Peer Feedback:

    Consider that this is probably not a 15s read. I enjoyed the read, but it was pretty perky for a sleep aid. I have to say that that's probably not the right tone for a sleep aid! Something more 'dreamy' in tone would sell better here. Pace it for a 30s read with some video passing and give some delivery for someone trying to fall asleep and you'll have a winner. You have a really clean and positive tone.

    Peer Feedback:

    Real, real nice voice, Caralee. Wonderful delivery, plenty of energy. But I'm with Tom when I say that there may have been a bit TOO much energy for a sleep aid spot. But not to take away from the quality of your delivery and that wonderful voice.

    Mike F.

    Peer Feedback:

    ArlenChitty -- Thank you so much for the encouragement and the listen!

    Richurd -- Thank you so much! I'm completely flattered and looking forward to pursuing voicing this year instead of putting it off like last year.ha

    Jimbobway -- Thank you again for the listen and positive feedback! Cheers!

    TxTom -- Thanks for the detailed feedback. Woops, didn't even consider that it was probably not a 15s read. Newbie mistake. You're absolutely right, it is quite perky for a sleep aid spot.haha Kind of makes me laugh now when I listen back to it. The analogy of give some delivery for someone trying to fall asleep will really help to reshape this read. Thanks!

    Mike Forbes -- Yes, listening back to it now, I completely agree that it was too energetic. I had a done a few other energetic scripts before hand and I think I got stuck in energetic mode! haha Rookie mistake. Thank you very much for positive feedback on vocal tone. Cheers!

    Peer Feedback:

    I loved listening to your voice and could see your smile, it seemed a little rushed, maybe because it was, or maybe I just wanted to hear more.
    Be Well.

    Peer Feedback:

    your voice sounds pretty good on this. you chose good points and words to hit and it flows well. I would try it slowing it down a little bit.

    Peer Feedback:

    It is a good post. It creates awareness regarding our health. We should take care of our health and our daily habits. It is a good description related to our sleep? Sleep is a very important thing in human life. Complete sleep is very necessary for the proper working of our brain. I felt good to know this interesting information. This forum is very informative, as we can find useful information here. I am also a writer and this post helped me a lot for my research work. http://customessaysservice.com is also a good source, which helped me to write good content.

    Peer Feedback:

    I agree that sleep is absolutely important. Sleep well, you have the energy to work the next day https://run3.run

    Peer Feedback:

    best post for child health and beauty.

    Peer Feedback:

    If I sleep less than 7 hours, I get dizzy.


    Peer Feedback:

    Sleep patterns are really important, sleep deprivation reduces work efficiency during the day.


    Peer Feedback:


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    Durex - Bob Is An Idiot


    This is Bob. Bob is an idiot. Bob makes mistakes. A lot of them. Oh, Bob. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but despite all his faults, even an idiot like Bob knows he needs protection. Durex. Smart.

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    Practice Recording:

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    I am a beginner with a new mic and new home studio. Any feedback on sound and performance is extremely helpful. Thank you!


    Peer Feedback:

    Sounding seasoned and amazing. Add more conversational tone to "idiot". No need to increase volume on "may not be". Keep going for claiming new you are doing great !

    Peer Feedback:

    Smooth read and with a good dose of character. Pacing was good, didn't feel rushed or stretched out. The audio quality could be a bit crisper, there is almost a tangible soft wall between you and the microphone that reduces the crispness of you voice. All in all, great read!

    Peer Feedback:

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