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Tuesday September 29


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    Children's Bedtime Meditation


    Your guardian angel is closing the garden gate behind you. Your garden, your very own special place, is beautiful. The roses have no thorns to pinch or poke, and they’re a rich red. They smell so sweet. Overhead, the sky is a deep blue, the sun a radiant golden ball. And there are perky white clouds floating by.

    As you go down your garden path, you find that one of the white clouds has come down from the sky to take you for a ride. I want you to climb on to this cloud. It is lovely and fluffy--perhaps it’s made of cotton wool? Or is it made out of cotton candy? Look, there is a little seat with a set of leather reins. You don’t have to tell this cloud where to go as it floats off into the wide blue sky.

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    Practice Recording:

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    I had some coaching with Deb Munro, yesterday, and I'm working on performing more dramatically for the 3-8 year old crowd. This is an excerpt that I've tweaked from a book of bedtime meditations for children, so there would likely be happy outdoor sounds in the background (like birds) and perhaps a music bed that was soothing but cheerful. I've left in breath sounds and am focused on performance. Thanks! (and this is the 3rd time I've tried to upload, so sorry if there are repeats)


    Peer Feedback:

    I think you did a good job overall on this recording. It was almost as if you had a child in the room with you as you were reading. Did you add the word "yum" to the script? If so it was a good addition.

    Peer Feedback:

    I enjoyed this. Like I was a kid myself. Your reading was colorful and engaging. Full of emotion. Very clear and distinct.

    Peer Feedback:

    This was a great read and overall great performance from my perspective. Very nice job bringing action to the script in many areas, including the taking in of the sweet scent of the roses and then telling us all about it with great character and excitement. You had me hooked into your journey! Great job!

    Peer Feedback:

    Very calm and soothing voice. I feel like I'm in yoga! My only suggestion is to speed it up a little bit to help build the excitement - especially since it's for kids.

    Peer Feedback:

    Thank you very much, Everyone. I have a 3-year-old and 5-year-old, but it's surprising how stiff I can feel initially working on this kind of thing. I'm kind of a brusque, understated gal with my real voice. (Perhaps the result of sleep deprivation!) I have a similar script I'm working on for my demo, so the feedback is particularly helpful.

    Thanks, again!

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