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Monday November 11


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Script Genres > English Children > Commercial > Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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    Practice Recording:

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    I am using my phone to record...please don't feel the need to critique that part. I am more interested in getting feedback about my voice acting. Thanks.


    Peer Feedback:

    your voice sounds pretty good on this. you chose good points and words to hit and it flows well. I would try it slowing it down a little bit. next time attach the script text so we can follow along better what you are reading too. you sound like the attendant on the airlines. good work!

    Peer Feedback:

    More interesting than the 'fluffy' read. Shows some skill. Keep at it.

    Peer Feedback:

    When we watch dubbed movie, we only see main actors of movie. But no one feel the hard work of voice actors. We all should appreciate their efforts to male movie better.
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    Peer Feedback:

    Peer Feedback:

    I'm filming audio. I use some tools for this.

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