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Wednesday July 15


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    Walt Disney World Resort


    It’s a magical time to take your little characters. Is your living room a living storybook? Is there a princess on your couch who looks a lot like your little girl? Or a little beast roaring through the room? Then, it’s the perfect time to introduce your child to the world where that magic is real. – Walt Disney World Resort. Call today for your FREE Vacation Planning Kit. You’ll get everything you need to know to plan a Disney Trip with your preschoolers, and discover the magic through their eyes. Call 1-800-225-3124 for a Free Vacation Planning Kit.

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    I really like your voice, but it seems like you left something on the table with this one. The script really invites enthusiasm and emotion. Maybe something to add?

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    Umpa Lumpa


    Umpa lumpa
    doopedy doo

    I've got
    another puzzle
    for you

    Umpa lumpa
    doopedy dee

    If you are
    wise, you'll
    listen to me

    Who do you
    blame when your
    kid is a, Brat?!

    Hand bred and
    spoiled like a
    Siamese, cat!

    Blaming the
    kids is a lie
    and of, shame

    You know
    exactly who's,
    to, blame

    The mother
    and the

    Umpa lumpa
    doopedy da

    If your not
    spoiled then
    you will go far

    You will live
    in happiness

    Like the
    Umpa lumpa
    doopedy doo

    Contributed by Richurd


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