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Friday August 17


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    Dark Elf


    You're time has come
    All things must pass
    Protectors are saved. Intruders are slayed
    I have to yet to realize my purpose. I must persevere

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    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear leticiabeni's recording

    Just having some more fun with Characters... :-) Just bare with me, my mic is very very cheap. Just for now. I don't have my studio set up at all yet. I soon will. Thanks... :-)

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    New Home Buyer Guide


    Suppose you want to purchase a house or apartment, and like most of us, you'll need a mortgage. Then you need to keep listening ... Because in the next 15-minutes, we'll show you how to get a mortgage, without any headaches. All you'll need to do is follow along with this audio-guide, watch your screen, and check off some boxes. Ready? To begin, click "house," "apartment," or "condo."

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    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear brad_anthony's recording

    Newbie here. Just trying different genres to see what fits best. Any thoughts on what you hear would be greatly appreciated.

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    Tic Tac


    So this guy I was dating seemed to have it all. Good looks, a great job, a nice smile, and oh...his laugh-so funny! But the truth of the matter is...that smile that started the laugh...ended with bad breath! It seemed the one thing he didn’t have was a Tic-Tac. And I was so close to happiness!

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    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear leticiabeni's recording

    I realized after listening to it, that I added the word UP by mistake... smh. I thought this script was fun. My mic is not so good, so please bare with me... :-)


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