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Friday March 23


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    I'm trying to finish a new Promo Demo...I need a fresh set of ears. Please help! Thanks for listening!- Devin

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    Script submitted by FlynnRachelM


    Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451 during the Renaissance (“rebirth”) period. He lived in Genoa which was a busy port Christopher went to sea when he was 13. He sailed a wooden ship, and he learned to navigate using the sun and stars and a compass. He loved sailing and was an excellent sea captain.Christopher Columbus wanted to sail west, and he hoped to reach China. He did not realize just how BIG the Earth was.
    Before he could set out to explore the world, though, he had to have some help. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain gave him money and sailors. Columbus had three ships,the Nina, the Pinta,and the Santa Maria. So in 1492,Columbus and his crew set sail.

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    Audition Recording:

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    Hi again Marjorie! Thank you so much for your feedback last week--it was very helpful. I re-recorded following your advice and would like to get your feedback again--this time on my reading AND sound quality! (I used a high-quality mic, took out mouth noises, etc.) Remember, the client wants a friendly, conversational tone that flows smoothly and confidently (for little kids). I'm worried that this isn't friendly or conversational enough---they really want it to be friendly and interesting but of course, it shouldn’t be overemphasized you advised. :) And it's difficult, especially with this script, to be conversational. It's hard to be conversational with a script like this--people don't really talk like that. Also, taking out the punching makes it less friendly and more boring to me. ? Anyway, I'm planning on changing it more, but I wanted to send it your way to get your guidance now that I've taken out the punching and tried to make the phrasing better and such. Thanks for everything, Marjorie!

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    Durex - Bob Is An Idiot


    This is Bob. Bob is an idiot. Bob makes mistakes. A lot of them. Oh, Bob. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but despite all his faults, even an idiot like Bob knows he needs protection. Durex. Smart.

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    Practice Recording:

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    Let's see if the new SM7B is dialed in. How's it sound?

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    Coca Cola


    What is Coco Cola? Is it an excuse to get together? Since 1886 Coca Cola has been passing on smiles from generation to generation. We’ve been giving kids scholarships, like the early birds and the all niters. And you get to enjoy, what matters most. Coca Cola, drink up.

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    Practice Recording:

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    Trying a new genre, what do you think

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    Late night infomercial


    If you would like to know how someone can start with a simple idea and a small, limited trading account... and then... explode it MULTIPLE times over... this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever hear.

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    How is it ?


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