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Monday January 20


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    Frontline Plus


    Today is gonna be the best day ever. Since my human got me Frontline Plus, we’re
    running more trails, sniffing more tails, and finding all new places to splash in the mud. Just a little Frontline Plus on my back kills ticks and fleas for a whole 30 days. Because there’s nothing better than getting out and feeling the wind
    in your fur. Vet-recommended Frontline Plus. Live Off The Leash!

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    Just a (very) raw home recording to get in practice of recording/posting/getting feedback. Aware there are some technical problems (darn those plosives), working on channeling my “inner pup” without losing focus on the sales message (Squirrel!) Thanks for listening!

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    Airwick Airwaves


    This is Nick.
    This is Nora.
    This is Nick's nose.
    This is Nora's nose.
    Nicks nose likes a little air freshener.
    Nora's nose likes a lot.
    Their noses didn't know what to do.
    Until their nosy neighbor Ned told them about new and improved Airwick Airwaves.
    Airwaves have a low setting for Nick's nose and a refreshing, room filling scent for Nora's nose.
    Now, Nick and Nora's noses can live in harmony.

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    Practice Recording:

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    Practice for my next private coaching session.


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