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Monday February 18


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    AllState Insurance


    Congratulations, you just bought Allstate Homeowners Insurance. And now, if your home or property suffers a covered loss or is damaged, you'll be covered, and that's a good feeling. However there are some things that can't be replaced, so that's why it's is important to prevent these damages from occurring in the first place. Here, you'll learn what steps you can take to make your home safe and secure.

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    First time in the feedback forum. Let me know what I can improve!

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    Fashion/Travel/Feminine Products


    American Fashion (upbeat, aspiring)

    These are the years to be free.
    To be foolish. To create. To fail. To be brave.
    To seek out what’s next.
    To get lost.
    To find yourself.
    To write your history.
    To be ... you.
    Be more. Be Hollister.

    Travel Tease (Upscale)

    At the gate the everyday vanishes. Here your thoughts are a little clearer. Your appetite for life a little sharper. This mountain, as captivating under summer flowers as it is under snow. Aspen is a one-of-a-kind resort. Unhurried. Carefree. And cozy, like an Alpine Village under a starry night.

    Feminine Product

    I...I am a real woman
    I take the subway
    I run for miles , and I do my hair
    I get my period too.
    So if you’re looking for the damsel in distress kind of a gal-you can go elsewhere. I'll be here, doin' my thing and wearing Carefree pads.

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    Practice Recording:

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    Hi! I'm wondering about how to emphasize the words without enunciating them too loudly/harshly. I also want to make sure that the diverse adjectives have different effects and don't sound too similar to each other. I wasn't able to fit in more of the pieces that we've practiced-should I speak faster? Are these different enough from each other? Thanks!


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