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Saturday March 23


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    Peer Feedback:

    Made me laugh-- nicely done!

    Nits to pick:
    The second "c" in "cocina" would be pronounced like an "s" in Mexican Spanish, i.e. "coseena". (In most parts of Spain it would be pronounced with a "th" sound, i.e. "cotheena"). Note: The way you pronounced it, "cocheena", would be a female pig (cochina).

    In a couple places, you stop like it's the end of a sentence/clause, but really, given the writing, it's the middle of a thought. Examples:
    "in hopes that old Santa would feel obligado [...] to bring all children..."

    and, I don't know if your copy used punctuation, but grammatically it seems like there shouldn't be a stop after "dulces and other regalos", since it's part of the clause beginning with "*While* hanging the medias..." and followed by "outside in the yard..."

    OK, pretty small nits.

    Peer Feedback:

    Thanks for the comment. Where were you when I was recording this? My Latina wife would lock me out of the house for a few days if she heard what I did to this. She probably would have refused to coach anyway....ha hah.

    Peer Feedback:

    hahahha a female pig if you're being polite and it's in a text book...Que haces a esa cochina, mamacita?!

    This was super fun to listen to (and read -I've totally been playing around with it since I listened to yours!)

    Couple of performance tips, the gerunds should be pronounced -een instead of -ing. You got it in that first one "stirreen" but it went in and out after that, especially throughout some of the English bits, which got very Midwestern at parts. Definitely elongating some of the vowels in the English words would help too. But sticking to the Spanish vowel pronunciation is key (ah, a, e, o, oo). Some of your Spanish pronunciations sounded ...not so natively spoken. Mostly in the vowels. Like "hombre/nombre" The cocina was the best one though! lol So funny.

    Peer Feedback:

    Never been accused of Midwestern before. A Miami boy with a lot of southern exposure to the Carolinas, Lousiana, Alabama , Georgia, Tennessee....never nuthin Midwestern though.

    Peer Feedback:

    lol ok, well, I guess not so Chicano is what I meant ;)

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