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Thursday October 1


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Script Genres > Spanish > Narration > Telephony

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    19 people have played this

    Practice Recording:

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    Peer Feedback:

    It seems a bit mechanical, I realize with telephony, we can get the computer sound or voice stuck in our heads, especially in the age of automated everything.

    I think we should all strive to make it as friendly and real as possible. You have a nice start here, I would say perhaps a bit more friendliness in your voice and a slightly slower pace may work in your favor.

    Great posting! Keep it up!

    Peer Feedback:

    I will share the same post as before. I have the same issue is that I tend to talk very quickly and it shows up on anything I record so try to slow down a bit. Also sounds a bit monotone so try to talk naturally

    Zuraida of Corporation

    Peer Feedback:

    Raheem Sterling mencetak hat-trick ketiganya musim ini saat Manchester City menyapu Brighton untuk memastikan mereka akan finis di tempat kedua di Liga Premier.

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    Calling Card


    Para hacer una llamada internacional, ahora por favor pulse 1

    Para hacer una llamada dentro de los Estados Unidos, por favor pulse 2

    Para los códigos de país, ahora por favor pulse 3.

    Para hablar con un representante, ahora pulse 4 por favor.

    45 people have played this

    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear Elisa's recording

    Besides recording quality and performance, was also looking for feedback regarding my Spanish pronunciation and diction. Thanks!


    Peer Feedback:

    Your Spanish pronunciation and diction sounded fine to me. But, everything sounded the same. It needed some variety with different inflections.

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    American Express (menu-prompt)


    Bienvenido a American Express. Por favor, tenga su tarjeta disponible.

    Para su cuenta corriente, cargos y créditos recientes contabilizados a su cuenta, gastos en el futuro o recompensas de ingreso, oprima el 1.

    Para matricularse o hacer un pago por teléfono, o para otra información sobre los pagos a su cuenta, oprima el 2.

    Si ha perdido su tarjeta, o si su tarjeta ha sido robada, está dañada, o para verificar el estado de una petición para reemplazar su tarjeta, o para cambiar su nombre en la tarjeta, oprima el 3.

    Para solicitar una tarjeta de American Express, o para cancelar una tarjeta, oprima el 4.

    Para preguntas con respecto a cargos facturados a su cuenta relacionado a un viaje, incluyendo aerolineas, cruceros, operadores turisticos, agencia de viajes u hoteles oprima el 5.

    Para cualquier otra pregunta, oprima el cero.


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