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Saturday July 4


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    Infinity- Inspired Performance


    When machines start driving machines we'll consider a change.

    Computers can measure performance. But computers can't feel. They don't have a pulse.

    Which is why Infiniti has a Master Driver, recognized by the Ministry of Japan for his extraordinary skill.

    His sole job is to provide engineers with human feedback.
    Emotional feedback.

    One drive in a G Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, or the new G25 Sedan, and you'll instantly feel the exhilarating difference he makes.

    This is inspired performance.

    This is the way of Infiniti.

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    Practice Recording:

    Click to hear dhickie's recording

    Wanted to try this 2 different ways - one normal and one in Hal 9000 mode since computers are mentioned. In acting, taking a different approach to a character or a line can sometimes yield suprising results. Thanks for listening, Dave. (not a Space Odyssey pun, its my real name)


    Peer Feedback:

    Holy Sh-t. That was incredible!!!
    When you say that computers can't feel and don't have a pulse, that was the only place I felt it was just ever so slightly anti-climactic for me because you actually sounded like a robot, lol. I think it works everywhere else but for me, not on those two lines.

    INCREDIBLE job!!!

    Peer Feedback:


    Peer Feedback:

    Vocal performance - the pacing was too slow on both takes. There is very little change in the performace. I think you missed the mark just a little on tone; tempo is too slow, the pitch range is off, the volume is off. The read sounded monotone and you came across as indifferent and robotic. You are a person speaking to me about how computers cant feel etc. I would like to hear more emotion. In my opinion, you have the voice to pull this kind of read off. Just keep at it. thank you.

    Peer Feedback:

    You did something significant with your second read: you were doing phrases,
    instead of individual words. My ear listens for phrases. I don't know if that's what
    you intended, but the first reading didn't reach me.

    Peer Feedback:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Peer Feedback:

    +1 on the 1st read. near perfect IMHO.

    i think your read is very similar in tone, phrasing and pacing as a real Infiniti commercial with Liev Schrieber:

    Actually, pacing the whole piece isn't relevant, because this track would be chopped up to fit the visuals.
    the read isn't a story narration, and shouldn't be highly modulated. I like the flat read in this case.

    I think you were emulating a professionally produced ad, which is a good idea; and you did a very nice job.

    Peer Feedback:

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    Peer Feedback:

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    Peer Feedback:

    I think your second read was great! First one was good too but the phrases in the second read really resonated in my ear. Keep it up!

    Motto: keep the doctor away.

    Peer Feedback:

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    Buick LaCrosse CXS del 2010 versus el Lexus ES


    El Lexus ES del 2010 no recibió recomendaciones del IIHS, Edmunds.com, ni por el Consumers Digest, solo tiene una garantía en motor y transmisión de 70,000 millas o 6 años. No tiene Diagnóstico del Vehículo, ni tampoco desaceleración de Vehículo Robado.
    En cambio el Buick LaCrosse CXS del 2010 ha sido elegido por el IIHS como el “el mejor en cuanto a seguridad,”por Edmunds.com como 'uno de los vehículos ‘Más Recomendados’ en el 2010,' además considerado como ‘Mejor Compra’ por Consumers Digest. Tiene una garantía en motor y transmisión de 100,000 millas o 5 años, un Diagnóstico del Vehículo de OnStar por 1 año estándar, una desaceleración del Vehículo Robado también de OnStar por 1 año estándar.
    ¡Escoge sólo el mejor! El Buick LaCrosse CXS del 2010. Para mas informacion visita buick.com


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    Chevy Malibu


    Más que un sedán, es una obra maestra de ingeniería, precisión y diseño; rodeado de detalles cromados disponibles, líneas precisas que acentúan su carrocería, y curvas que fluyen y se desvanecen en pequeños espacios para un manejo silencioso y aerodinámico. En su interior encontrarás gran atención al detalle desde asientos de dos tonos en piel, volante forrado en piel con controles integrados y hasta una luz azul ambiental, todo esto y más disponible. A su atractivo look añádele la eficiencia de un estimado EPA de 33 MPG en carretera y un increíble precio, y verás como esta obra maestra puede ser mucho más alcanzable de lo que piensas.


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    Afuera, se comporta impecablemente.
    Adentro, está muy bien vestido....
    y el rojo le queda de maravilla....
    Zoom, Zoom.....
    El nuevo MAZDA 6....el verdadero sedán deportivo.


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    Volkswagen 2


    En cada concesionario VOLKSWAGEN nos tomamos nuestro tiempo para explicarte lo mejor de la energía alemana, además de las 50 características estándar, los 5 años de garantía a 50,000 millas y el gran poder de reventa que tiene cada modelo.
    Tú lo mereces.
    VOLKSWAGEN. Lo que ofrecemos es real.


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