Voice Actor Free Career Center Resources

The Free Career Center is a huge collection of free services that most new and pro talent rely on to build their voice over business.
Edge Studio proudly sponsors this Free Career Center for the voice over industry.

  • Stay up to date
  • Get free help
    • Talk With A Pro - Panels, call-in seminars, and more mp3s.
    • Train at home with the...
      • Script Library - Professional quality scripts to practice with daily.
      • Feedback Forum - Upload a practice performance, or even a real one, to receive insightful, candid peer reviews and suggestions.
    • Say it right
    • Enhance your home studio
      • Mic Selector - Different studios, genres, voices and budget call for different mics. Which is best for you? Select yours here.
      • Pro Tools® Panels - How to get up to speed with this industry standard DAW software. How to use it efficiently. And how to draw on its power.
    • Market smarter
      • Marketing Links - How to sell yourself. What resources Edge Studio doesn't have, we can lead you to.
      • CD Helper - Planning your demo CD is almost as important as what you put on it. Almost.
    • Get paid fairly
      • The Industry Rate Card tells you what's fair. And because we're an industry authority, you can refer your clients to it.
      • Words-To-Time Calculator. You've just been handed a script of X,XXX words. How long will it take to read? Find out here.
    • Skip legal fees
      • Legal Voice Over Help. Another valuable Edge service. Because there's never a free lawyer around when you need one.
    • Read helpful charts:
      • Vocal Care will help you perform better, longer, and recover sooner. And if the show really must go on, learn how to make the best of a bad situation.
      • Common VO Errors - Do you make these mistakes in Voice Over? Prospective clients often won't correct you -- they just won't hire you. But you can avoid making a whole lot of embarrassing errors (of all kinds) by perusing this comprehensive collection.
      • Misconceptions. What's worse than not knowing something? Knowing wrong. Common misunderstandings can cost you opportunities ... waste time and money ... or mislead you into training at the wrong place.

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