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German Voice Over Accents and Tips

German and English come from the same language family, and are generally about the same length when recorded. This makes German voice over easy to translate to and from English.

German is an official language in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was formerly the national language of Namibia, and is still a widely recognized minority language. There are several dialects of German, broken down largely on a scale with "Low German" or "Low Saxon" on one end, and "High German" on the other. Standard German is closer to the High German end of the scale.

When working with German, it is very important to find a distinct target dialect as not all of the dialects are mutually intelligible. While there is a standard dialect, speakers of this dialect will have a very hard time understanding, for example, the central German dialects when spoken in their purest form.

Swiss German again has its own variations on a similar scale of low, high, and highest. It is usually understandable to Alemanic German speakers (that is, speakers from Germany or Austria) but it is different enough that, usually, spoken Swiss German usually comes with subtitles in German movies.

Just like with any language, when you are working with German voice over, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What is your goal by translating to or from this language? Who is your specific audience within the group of people who speak this language? Do you know how to adapt your script to speak to this group?

Edge Studio is a full service audio production facility, and that’s not restricted to English. If you need German voice over, we have you covered from the initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down those final recording sessions.

If you need German voice over, translation, dubbing, adaptation, recording, or language monitor for cartoons, powerpoint, education videos, ESL, audiobooks, or commercials, call edge studio (212-868-3343).

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Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Anett M
I have a warm and friendly voice that sounds energetic, educational and sophisticated.
Anjes B
My voice can sound warm, sincere, smooth, sexy or fun. Being a trained actress I am very versatile!
Anna I
A fresh, young yet trustworthy versatile voice which can bring the extra spin to your project.
Aylam O
I have a low, authoritative voice, high-energy and intense, but also warm and comforting. I specialize in various, often over the top, characters!
Benjamin P
Benjamin has a young, fresh and versatile voice with a grounded bass and speaks neutral, accent free German.
Bernard S
My voice is warm, confident, smooth and rich. I can bring authority to a project.
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Bruce K
Deep, warm, mature, intelligent, trusted, distinguished, authoritative, gravitas, musical, ironic, grandfather, folksy
Cam C
Versatile voice! Guy next door to announcer, hip to geeky. Trustworthy, informative and sincere... but also happy, adventurous, and passionate!
Christian B
Educational, trustworthy, storytelling
Claudia Z
Clear, projects (pro singing background), fairly high and young by nature, but versatile in age (got cast in a wide age range: teenager to mature).
Dennis H
high baritone, bright, friendly, clear, fresh, sensitive, emotional, informative, variable
Didi C
Articulate, engaged, friendly, warm, textured; can also sound educational.
Eva A
My voice has a clear sound and sounds friendly and informative. I also sing and do cartoon voices.
Eveline S
I have a friendly voice, I speak clearly and on point. Lower register. When I speak English I have a slight accent, sounding French or Swiss.
Fanny V
I have a soft and gentle voice in mid-low range. It's good for educational, but also fiction, poetry or children's books. I've also done infomercials
Federico A
argentine, mellow, vast range (bass to tenor), colorful, fresh, brilliant,
François S
Friendly, trustworthy warm and deep voice. Can change to younger and fresh character easily.
Helen W
I have a warm, reassuring tone, which conveys integrity. Can sound articulate and educative, and create character voices.
The classic Hugh Grant British accent! Friendly, dynamic voice.
James L
Deep, authoritative storyteller. Engaging. Fiction as well as history.
Jan W
More than 15 years of experience as a fulltime professional voice talent, native in both French and German, with countless references.
Jenia S
Upbeat, bubbly, joyful, energetic, dynamic, business-like, clear and serious. Relaxed, sexy.
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Kirsten S
I have a unique dark timbre and am a native in German.
Laura C
Professional, intelligent, competent, business-like, friendly, funny, snarky
Leonie S
My voice is young, fresh and a little cheeky. My reads are precise and detail-oriented. I also do educational and emotional reads.
Linda J
My voice has been described as 'smooth, classy and precise'
Lynn N
Voices from tiny tot to best friend, teacher, girl next door (nice or not), mom and/or sister (little or big), private detective or even villain.
Manuel N
baritone, believeable, comforting, informative, neutral, selling, documentary, bilingual
Markus M
My range goes from friendly to soothing, but can be aggressive as well, with much deeper undertones. The sound of my voice is Alto, but flexible.
Matthew P
Three octives Variety of Volumes Salesman qualities Honest and charming Character Voices Fun and cartoonish Narrative Vocal Mimic
Melih M
Warm, deep, vibrant, charismatic, reliable, cheerful,confident, believable, Upbeat, Narrator, Corporate
Michael D
I have a mid range to deep voice print. Can do "The guy next door" ... or the movie trailer. All types of character voices. Plus announcer reads.
Mo L
Energetic and approachable educational or technical narration. Friendly, youthful, powerful, or irreverent hard sell. Characters and comic instincts.
Neil H
My baseline's an articulate, scholarly type. Can also be the friendly, warm guy next door, or his eccentric, shifty brother.
Olivia P
I am a native speaker in German and English! I can sound warm and sincere, young, fresh, confident, friendly, elegant or educational.
Patricia F
Hi i have a young voice and they match perfect for children or teenager
Patrick M
I've a catchy, clear, dynamic, fresh, sensitive, strong, soft, spirited, versatile, vivid, warm, young, youthful voice.
Patrick R
Paul S
Articulate and educated. Not full BBC English, but very good diction. Can range from authoritative to super-friendly.
Petra V
Warm, soothing, engaging, intelligent, international voice for a global, corporate reach, or for e-learning. Clear sound for relatable advertising.
Phil W
Authoritative, yet warm, textured voice, ranging from whisper soft to stadium p.a. strong...smooth, friendly, comforting tone and delivery
Intelligent & strong sounding English accent with a hint of Yorkshire that can be commanding, sinister or sophisticated. Insanity & aliens a specialty
Silvia M
My voice is deeper, smart and informative, but also warm and friendly. I can add a smoky/sexy touch to it, or be motivational and inspiring.
Steve M
Sylvianne C
A sophisticated, luxurious, sensual, warm sound. Dry sense of humor (for villains). I have a non-descriptive "worldly" accent great for global brands!
Thomas M
British Neutral, Twenty-Something Character Actor. The best friend, the worst enemy or something in between! Member of Equity