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This phase is for voice actors who are ready to work, but need clients.

A selection of 5 different webinar classes every month – designed to give you the knowledge needed to operate and grow your business like an experienced industry professional.

  • Classes are taught by a variety of instructors. So besides gaining immense knowledge, it’s an opportunity to work with many of the best pros in the industry.
  • A terrific opportunity to interact and network with peers.

You're not going through this alone. Most voice over professionals face the same challenges you do when selling their services. That's why we've built a community of learning where you can network with your peers and share challenges and successes with them.


$80 recurring charge per one month of classes (that's $16 a class). Or $250 for 4-months (that's $12.50 a class).

What do I get each month?

1 Technique & Audition Workout

Every week, we offer new Technique & Audition Workout Classes. These workouts have rotating topics, and they serve to improve your delivery, build confidence, broaden the scope of work you provide clients, and train your ear to enable better self-direction for auditions and jobs from your home studio. These classes simulate actual audition experiences, so you learn how to win jobs. Unlike real auditions, here you receive candid, blunt feedback on your performance and are shown how you can improve. (Hey, better to learn it in front of us, rather than a client!) The skills you learn translate into tele-auditions, home-studio auditions, and in-person auditions.

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1 Advanced Audition class with David Goldberg

Even those of us with the best reputations, representation, active websites and full inboxes need to audition regularly to keep our income stream steady and attract new and ongoing clients. The quality of our auditions today directly affects the amount of billable microphone time we will have tomorrow. In this series of unique ongoing classes, you will sharpen your audition skills, practice giving the most polished read possible and learn to interpret the direction presented to give the client what they are looking for, or perhaps interject your own style and give them more than they knew they wanted by standing out from the crowd. The most sought after projects often have hundreds of submissions sent in from other established professionals from across the world, be sure you know how to remain competitive and catch their ear to land the greatest percentage of gigs.

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1 Home Studio 201 Advanced Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by an industry expert.

It's one of the cornerstones of this program. Course titles include: "Storage & Backup Options," "Time Compression & Expansion, Reverb," "The Art Of Editing And Matching Takes," and more. Each webinar includes Q&A time to work through issues and problems you may have. We'll dig into issues you face in selling your engineering services and provide specific feedback and suggestions for your situation.

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1 Marketing 201 Advanced Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by an industry expert.

Each webinar includes a practical topic that you can immediately implement to get your business running more smoothly, lucratively, or efficiently. Course titles range from "Social Media And How To Generate New Clients" to "Creating Long Term clients." We'll have stories, examples, and role-plays, where you'll hear real-world successes and failures in selling voice over services. This allows you to see how these techniques work in real prospect situations. We welcome questions.

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1 Business & Money 201 Advanced Class

A new tele-class every month, instructed by an industry expert.

When it comes to dealing with your clients, you want to do less for more money... while they want to get more for less money. Yes, you are running a business. And having the tools and know-how to run it more efficiently is what you'll learn. Course titles range from "Rates, Negotiating, And Invoicing" to "Contracts And Talent Release Forms." There's opportunity to ask questions. The ultimate goal: be prepared for whatever clients spring on you, and know how to look out for you. Practical advice and guidance based on real experiences from both sides of the glass.

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As we help people grow their voice over business, they like to email us comments. Here are some:


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  • Setting: all classes are Webinars
  • Length: Classes are between 1 and 3 hours
  • Timetable: 5 classes per month
  • Cost: $80 a month, recurring subscription charge
    • $80 per month ($16.00 a class)
    • $250 for 4-months ($12.50 a class)

    To Participate

    Email, or call us at 888-321-EDGE (3343) if you would like to sign up for Phase 3.

    After You Register

    You will receive an email confirmation with:

    • Information on how to attend each class
    • A link to download the Career Planner

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