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Italian Voice Over Translation Chart, Accents and Tips

  • Italian is generally 25% longer than English. (An English :60 second commercial will be about :75 seconds in Italian).
  • English is generally 25% shorter than Italian. (An Italian :60 second commercial will be about :45 seconds in English).

It’s no surprise that Italian voice over is used most often in countries where Italian is the national language: Italy, Monaco, Vatican City, and San Marino. Switzerland also has some Italian Speaking areas near the south. However, there has been a significant amount of immigration from Italy not only to North America, but to South America as well. As a result, there are small minorities of Italian speakers in countries like Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. There are at least a dozen different accents of Italian spoken in Italy alone, but they are all mutually intelligible.

Just like with any language, when you are working with Italian voice over, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What is your goal by translating to or from this language? Who is your specific audience within the group of people who speak this language? Do you know how to adapt your script to speak to this group?

Edge Studio is a full service audio production facility, and that’s not restricted to English. If you need Italian voice over, we have you covered from the initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down those final recording sessions.

If you need Italian voice over, translation, dubbing, adaptation, recording, or language monitor for cartoons, commercials, powerpoint, education videos, ESL, or audiobooks, call edge studio (212-868-3343).

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Alessandro L
Alice L
Smooth, feminine and energetic voice. I usually narrate romantic books. Very good with commercials and with character voices, can do children.
Amr E
Rich, strong, authoritative, confident, assuring, kind
Amy Frances Q
My voice is natural, sophisticated and warm. I sound intelligent but still caring and friendly. Native speaker of English and Italian.
Andrea d
My voice is extremely versatile
Annalisa G
Warm, reassuring, bright, friendly, motherly
Ava E
I have a versatile voice that expands across a wide genre including animation, children's audiobooks, commercials, corporate training, and news
Aylam O
I have a low, authoritative voice, high-energy and intense, but also warm and comforting. I specialize in various, often over the top, characters!
Ben G
Mature, easy going, informative, caring, knowledgeable, can get animated.
Chiara D
My voice is sparkling, clear, fresh and energetic, but I can sound educational (in a very personal-not boring way)
Chris H
My voice ranges from a warm, deep comforting delivery to wild insane characters.
Christine P
I have a warm, distinctive voice - perfect for strong or sensual roles; intelligent and articulate. Great at boy voices.
Clara F. P
I'm your trusted best friend, rich and warm sounds and a bit cheeky if you need that extra inspiration to eat that last cookie.
Danilo O
Delia A
Like in the age of 30, teen and childish.
Elisa M
I am the girl next door, bubbly and quirky, but my voice can be charming, upbeat, appealing, warm, sweet and with an exotic touch.
Federico A
argentine, mellow, vast range (bass to tenor), colorful, fresh, brilliant,
Francesca R
professional, classy female voice indicated for corporate demos, educational, commercial, dubbing of tv shows female characters in their 30-40s.
Fulvio D
attitude, authoritative, soothing, classy, foreign, mysterious, italian, mellow, narrative, smooth, sophisticated www.fulviodellavolta.com
Gary L
I am very range-y: from neighbor to middle management to quirky to trustworthy to smooth to gruff. My accent work is believable to cartoon.
Gianluca J
Italian Voice Talent. Warm, elegant, smooth, professional voice.
Gianluca S
Bass, sweet or authoritative, warm & calm voice
Irene T
I have a very bright, vibrant voice, which can sound either silvery and young or soft and warm.
Jared S
Well-rounded voice. Can have a young, honest voice, or older, more cynical voice; Also soft-spoken, loud/bombastic, preppy/proper, goofy, serious.
Jenia S
Upbeat, bubbly, joyful, energetic, dynamic, business-like, clear and serious. Relaxed, sexy.
Juliette G
Mid- to low register - Warm, Smooth, Clear. Well Suited to luxury products, healthcare, travel, business and finance, narration
Kagisho S
I'm the actor, the character! I bring to life the words on the page, thereby bringing to life your brand.
Kate F
highly distinctive voice with deep, warm, rich, elegant tone, intelligent, urbane, well-traveled, strong; wry sense of humor. Evokes Lauren Bacall.
Lorna B
Smoky British adult female; appealing, assured, confident, husky. Great range of accents.
Luigi D
Neighborly guy but also professional, documentary voice. I can do also the computer games.
Mack S
I'm the expert: articulate, deep, educational, informative, intelligent, warm and resonant.
Manuela F
Marco d
Marco L
serious, impressive, warm
Margaret L
Voice descriptors for me would be warmth, clarity, maturity and subtlety. Also proficient with accents, dialects, and character voices.
Mario L
I'm an experienced voiceover talent with a very versatile voice, am able to switch between a middle-aged adult and a teenager with ease.
Massimo M
I can perform in two languages (American English and Italian) at a native level: on-hold, commercials, documentaries, PC games, cartoons, promos.
Massimo S
Warm and deep voice for narrations, commercials, smooth and professional for documentaries, multimedia project, and many more. www.maxdupre.com
Michele L
You'll find my voice warm and versatile; I could easily fit any kind of work.
Peter A
I'm the passionate, sensitive, quirky, articulate, smart guy. Can be scary and mysterious. Can sound educational.
Rachel F. H
I have a youthful sound that's fun, energetic, and flexible. My voice lends itself well to teens, children,and young adults.
Raffaella C
Italian native, English with European accent. Sincere, soft, warm,versatile, friendly, natural, smooth.
Rita C
Evocative voice for emotional video; warm, sensual, positive. Perfect for corporate and adv, deep with neutral accent. Professional VO, jazz singer.
Sara G
Sara Galassini's voice has a wide vocal range. It is strong and soft, sexy and warm, funny or serious and is capable of depicting many characters.
Scott S
Some adjectives to describe Scott's voice are: warm, fun, friendly, unique, energetic, conversational and trustworthy!
Terry D
My voice is sparkling, clear, sensual, fresh and energetic.You can choose my voice for your commercials, videos, editorials, ivr, audio books, etc
Todd W
My voice is a unique Baritone/Bass, but it's a versatile instrument that allows me to develop characters, dialects or perform quality impressions.
Veronica C
gianluca n
my voice, and adaptable to any type of recording
lenni l
Clear voice, soft and sweet for narration, professional and clear for institutional messages, fun for commercial. Versatile according to the request.