Jay Snyder

VO Coach, Director, Audiobook & Animation Expert

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Online Checkups, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Animation, Cartoon, Character, Commercial, Kids, Narration, Video Games

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Jay Snyder is a classically trained actor who has performed leading roles on and off Broadway, television, and film. His expertise is bringing characters to life. For more than 10 years he has also done nearly every type of voice over work, including commercials (recent clients include Verizon, Coke, Six Flags, Cisco, and Absolut), audio books, documentaries, tours, industrials, video games, animated films and cartoons. Since he is happiest diving into characters and stories, it's no surprise that so much of his work has been in animation and audiobooks. Best known as the voice for the two lead characters of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and central characters in Pokemon, Sonic X, Kirby, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Chaotic, and Huntik, Jay feels fortunate to have worked on well over 100 different movies and series and literally thousands of episodes and hours of entertainment. As a self professed geek, he's also psyched to have worked on the current Batman: the Dark Knight Rises video game as well as the critically acclaimed All Saints Row 2.

Even though not a week goes by without doing something in animation, as an actor his focus has shifted to audiobooks in the last few years. In that time he's performed on over a hundred titles in various genres. Some of his favorites include Kurt Vonnegut's wry Sci-Fi "The Sirens of Titan", "Zoo" and "NYPD Red" two new titles from the prolific New York Times best selling regular James Patterson, and the CIA action/intrigue "The Gray Man" series which is currently in development for a film franchise starring Brad Pitt.

He has also directed VO for years, on many anime series, audio books, and video games. More recently he has become an Audio Producer, working for Marvel on their Marvel Knights Animation line. His first project for them was the “Astonishing X-Men”, a series written by Joss Whedon who also made the record breaking blockbuster film "The Avengers". Next was “Iron Man: Extremis", a story which has been confirmed as the basis of the next Iron Man film. After that came the best reviewed series from Marvel Knights, "Thor vs. Loki: Blood Brothers". But perhaps more relevantly, Jay also audio produced an educational series for Disney/ABC News about World War 2 called “They Spoke Out." Working with comic book legend Neal Adams, Jay helped to tell the tales you never knew about an era you thought you had learned everything about. As Audio Producer, he’s responsible for casting, directing, sound design, scoring, and the final mix. He does the casting and directing personally, and works side by side with a wonderful team of talented professionals who always do an outstanding job, providing clients with the best results.

Jay has also written for hundreds of shows, and is currently developing various animated series and films from adaptations to original concepts. Storytelling is his passion, and he loves every element of it, not just being the performer. Jay's perspective is unique because he has experience with all aspects of capturing a performance. From the acting, to directing, casting, writing, and even the recording of a character.

So why does he teach if he's so busy? Jay comes from a family of educators and says that teaching at Edge is wonderful because he genuinely enjoys providing people with whatever benefit his experience has to offer and he always learns something new from everyone he works with.

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