Joan Franzino

"Mr. Franzino, Joanie talks too much in class."...a common phrase said by school teachers. And now...aren't we glad?

Joan Franzino started her career in acting and comedy improv in 1994 at a tiny radio station in Westport, Connecticut. Her first real voice-over was a national TV spot for Consumer Reports Magazine in 1995. Her credits now include Sharp, Finesse Shampoo, Dove Soap, Diet Pepsi, N'Sync / Nabisco, Nyquil, 10-10-566, Progresso, Motorola, Cohen's Fashion Optical, Enterprise Rent-a-car, Pediacare, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa / Disney…and others. Though her smooth, clear, upbeat sound is what clients like most of all, they also become addicted to her characters! She's been "Cosmo the Dog" for Imaginarium Toy Stores, "Mother Goose" for Hasbro's Mother Goose Sings Nursery Rhyme Songs Game (2003), and "Wanda" for the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority.

Joan is a master of the at-home studio, as she's done 60% of her voice work from it since 1997.

Joan is also the Morning Show News Anchor and Sidekick at Westchester, New York's number one station, WFAS-FM (103.9 & 106.3). She's also the Midday DJ at WFAS-AM (1230) but uses the name Gina Lewis.

And lastly, she's performed loads of comedy improv in New York City, does on-camera news and commercial work, practices Tai Chi, is big on family, and has a fat cat named Spanky who she loves to death.

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