Telephone and Skype Voice Over Training

Voice Over Coaching by telephone and Skype

Wherever you are, if we can hear you,
you can learn about Voice Over remotely from us.

Voice over training by Skype and telephone makes a lot of sense. After all, voice over is about hearing. When our coaches direct a voice over student, they're looking at the script. So it doesn't matter where you are.

And when you’re hired to record professional commercials and narrations, you’ll likely find that near 90% of your clients direct you remotely with Skype, telephone (phone-patch), Source Connect / ISDN, and simple ordinary telephones and cell phones.

In other words, you’ll most likely wind up doing your paid voice overs remotely. So why not learn voice over the same way? With the team at Edge Studio, you can even record voice over demos remotely!

Why not use your local voice over school?

There might be a voice over school in your locality. They may be good. And you may want to use them for on-mic training. However it is amazingly beneficial to work with experts who live and breathe the genres that you are pursuing, such as documentary, audiobook, cartoons, commercials, museum audio tours, and others. At Edge, our team has top-working pros in nearly every genre of voice over.

Plus, we're a great addition to your resume for two reasons. You’ll want to put the name of the recognized experts that you train with on your resume. Also -- right or wrong -- casting professionals often assume that you're better if trained by New York producers.

How does voice over training by Skype and telephone work?

Telephone and Skype voice over coaching and voice over demo production is a combination of group and private sessions, just as it would be if you were training in person at one of our several studio locations.

  • For telephone voice over classes, just dial into a special access code we give you.
  • For telephone voice over private training we call and direct you just like if we heard you in front of a microphone (we don't need to see you, we just need to hear you).
  • For Skype voice over training, we call you on Skype via “mic and speakers” and with video if you want. With video, we’ll see each other. Either way, we will direct you just like if we heard you in front of a microphone.
  • For Skype and telephone voice over demo recording sessions, we help you find a quality local voice over studio in your area. Then at a scheduled time, our studios connect via phone-patch and we direct you as if you were here. After your local studio sends us your audio files, we complete your demo (adding music, sound-effects, adjusting the mix, etc.) and create your master demo.

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We are glad to answer any questions about telephone and Skype voice over training.

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