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Gunfighters of Casa Grande. It was the first to have Don LaFontaine as its movie trailer voice.

LaFontaine had written the trailer script, the talent didn't show up, and he got the job ... changing movie voice over history.

But in the decades since that 1965 job, Don wasn't the only movie voice over specialist. Currently there are folks like Ashton Smith, Scott Rummel, Greg O'Neill, Melissa Disney, Chris Corley, Paul Pape, Jimmy Hodson and Hal Douglas. A couple dozen or so, in fact. The industry has lots of other excellent trailer voice over talent, and at Edge Studio, we know where to find them.

We also know how to record a trailer voice over, of any type. Whether you need a trailer voice over for theatrical use, or for station, network or affiliate promos, or imaging, at Edge Studio we do all of these. Very well.

But enough about us. Let's talk about you.

Are you looking for a voice you've heard? We'll be happy to identify who it is you're thinking of.

Are you looking for a certain sound? If a sound-alike, we can help with that, too. Or maybe you're looking for a new sound? One that’s flatter, pulled back, and natural. . . versus the stentorian Voice of God? Edge Studio has a large stable of union and non-union voice over talent, of all types and sounds, many of whom are trained in movie voice over. That includes women, who are cast in movie voice over more and more nowadays (by the way, a trend advocated by Don LaFontaine).

Speaking of "sound," Let's talk not just about the talent, but also the particular needs of the target medium and all that affects sound. For example, mixing -- in a theater, you have full fidelity and the voice has a lot to contend with. On a DVD or television, the sound might be great, or horrid, depending on the viewer’s television. We take all that into account.

Even the choice of microphone can matter. Some trailer voice over talent use a Sennheiser shotgun. The late Ernie Anderson, evidently, started that trend for a few reasons, not just technical ones. It's a slightly different sound, and we can achieve it. With various microphones and processing gear, tell us the sound you want to achieve. Or we’ll provide a sampler for you to audition.

If yours is a theatrical trailer, you might not even be planning to have a voice over. (Trendy, you.) But have you considered that just one or two of the right words at the right time can greatly impact awareness and retention, even among a theater's "captive" audience? Let us review your script for a possible suggestion.

We're highly experienced at producing trailers, promos, station IDs, and imaging jobs by ISDN, Source-Connect and other remote technologies.

Wherever the movie trailer voice is, wherever you are, when it comes to promos, imaging, trailers and any movie voice over, Edge Studio is there with you.

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