Private Voice Over Evaluation


Private voice over evaluations are designed to candidly assess your ability to supplement your income or work full-time as a voice over actor. Terrific for anyone with a unique voice, previous training, or specific goals. Also consider the Investigate Voice Over Class.

If you measure-up, we’ll customize a game-plan focusing on your voice, interests, and goals.

If you don’t, we’ll candidly tell you.

Before signing up for a private voice over evaluation, we suggest you consider the Investigate Voice Over Class - it offers unique advantages over a Private Evaluation:

  • The class is an excellent value; it costs less than a private evaluation, yet delivers more.
  • You'll learn things (about yourself and others) that you won't experience in one-on-one.
  • Voice over work frequently involves working in a group situation.
  • See first-hand how many ways there are to approach voice over, and how individuals are variously suited to certain genres.
  • Begin networking with fellow performers.
  • It's fun!
  • It's the way most Edge Studio graduates began their careers.

However, a one-on-one voice over evaluation is preferable in situations such as these:

  • The prospective performer is under age 16
  • You don't have four hours
  • You already have voice over experience
  • You have a specialized voice
  • You're looking for work in a specific VO genre that you already know you are qualified for

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Private Voice Over Evaluation objective

Whatever your hopes and concerns, you'll be able to cover all of them working one-on-one with an Edge Studio coach. Your instructor will tell you for real whether or not you're qualified to pursue a voice over career. (We are polite, but candid.) Click to read what people found most eye opening.

How Private Evaluations work

Speak with our office to schedule your private voice over evaluation. This will be held at your convenience within the schedule of the chosen coach. Our coaches are also working voice over performers, so available times vary. Call 888-321-EDGE (3343).

During the evaluation, your coach will learn about you and your interests, and will ask if you have particular voice over genre(s) you would like to pursue (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc.). Then you'll read scripts under the coach's guidance. If you have a particular genre interest, we'll take that into account, but if you are also (or better) suited to another genre, the coach will discuss that possibility.

As with our Investigate Voice Over Class, the object is to candidly assesses the marketability of your voice and talent, pinpoint your most marketable genres, and provides an in-depth understanding of the skills required to be successful in voice over.

Specifically, you will be assessed on 3 attributes:

  • Your voice (do casting agents hire your type voice?)
  • Your delivery (do casting agents hire your style?)
  • Your marketability (comfort, desire, passion, ability, excitement… is voice over for you?)

At the end of your voice over evaluation session, your coach will straightforwardly tell you their thoughts on your potential, and will discuss the sensible next step: Move forward or not.

A following day, you'll have a private assessment consultation by telephone to review your voice over evaluation and, if you're suited, to chart a path for your learning process. We'll also take time to answer any questions.

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  • Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Cost: $175

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