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Alan A
Hip. Relatable. Commanding. And most important- Believable. A conversational, friendly, guy next door quality that's genuine, authoritative and fun.
Alan K
My voice has been described as being young, natural, bright, soft, fresh, conversational and charming with Irish being my native accent.
Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Alexandra T
My voice is friendly, conversational, and quirky.
Alexei R
Versatile Bass / Baritone well known for evil villains, soldiers, creatures, and goofy comedic characters.
Altara M
Huge range in terms of sound, characters, emotions, and I have a wide variety of work behind me. I am conversational, articulate,clear + concise.
Amanda A
I am loud, and sound much younger than my age. My voice is an innocent girl-next-door, but I can also sound sarcastic and biting.
Andre G
I have an array of voice feels, from kids tv fun and playful, to urban hype and hip hop, but can calm it down with a cooperate feel or romantic smooth
André R
An articulate and sincere voice, bright, assured and educated. Bilingual French-English.
Anthony A
I'm the guy with the deep, resonate voice. A gentleman with a sophisticated masculine sound. Can also be the New Yorker with Italian roots.
Ashton Z
I am able to perform a variation of different voices, accents, noises/sounds. I have a youthful sounding voice with a gravitas undertone
Brian R
Character Voice Actor with a Diverse range. Warm, Sincere, Gruff, Raspy, Emotional,
Caitlin O
My voice: cultured, sensual, strong & dynamic, diction is excellent. Also: educated, sassy, friendly,soothing, sexy,ditsy girl next door.
Candice C
I bring characters to life: Bratty teens, seductresses, animals, witches, New Yawkas, and beyond. I can sing in character and do impressions.
Cathy T
Chantal a
Articulate and smiling. I can speed talk and sound smooth. I can also do cartoon voices
Charlotte A
I'm the girl-next-door, with a range from high school kid to young Mom. Great articulation and strong technical knowledge for those training videos.
Chris N
Versatile, real, natural, emotive, animated, character specialist, smooth, polished, articulate, educated, impersonator, casual, approachable, quirky
Christina S
Crisp sound, perky, girl next door with a quirky twist. From animated to conversational to educational and everything in between.
Daniel K
I can sound young (20s-30s) and old (40+); I can be quirky and articulate to smooth and confident. Also, I can execute a variety of character voices.
Daniel W
I can do many different things with my voice. But my natural voice is a young, confident, tenor male. It's often been compared to Disney Princes.
Darren A
British VO. Current, relatable and versatile. Characters & accents a speciality.
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
David J
My voice has a broad range, it is very trusting/ soothing which makes the listener at peace with what I am saying. My voice is calming yet reassuring.
Donald E
Soothing, seductive, captivating, and transcendent. My voice is naturally deep and smooth, and I have complete mastery of how to use it effectively.
Donato O
I have a booming voice for video games, sports,narration and action type pieces.
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Donna K
My voice is energetic with a slight rasp. I excel at children's books, comedy and give great teen attitude.
Dude W
I can range from conversational to boomy and scary. But mostly comfortable. And you'll feel comfortable using me for your clients and their projects.
Erin D
Eva K
I have a warm, open sound. Someone you want to be friends with. Good articulation without sounding artificial.
Faith B
I am almost a freshman in high school some people say that I can sound like a boy. I can make a dramatically hyper excited voice.I can be weird.
Gale V
Warm, friendly, conversational, inviting, smart, with a hint of authority or a sense of fun. Rich & smooth, or real & accessible. VERSATILE!
Gary L
I am very range-y: from neighbor to middle management to quirky to trustworthy to smooth to gruff. My accent work is believable to cartoon.
Genevieve B
My voice: warm, friendly, smooth, and energetic. Youthful and upbeat quality/ with the ability to access my lower age for a more mature/motherly sound
Gregory Z
An easy to direct talent. Greg's performances are known for their warm and natural delivery. He brings a script to life.
Henry A
Warm, friendly, funny, trustworthy, authoritative, wry, deadpan, comic, mature
Jackie S
Clear, conversational, and soothing are my voice characteristics. I can also sound educational, business-like, and authoritative.
Jacqueline H
I'm the neighborly gal, a bit sparkly sounding and very articulate. Can also sound educational.
James W
Friendly, calm and persuasive. My range is diverse, from soothing and understanding to dynamic and upbeat. My natural voice is British English RP.
Jason W
I have a large range, from squeaky kid to aristocratic Brit. I can sound authoritative, warm or educational, and absolutely insane.
Jason K
My natural voice is perfect for narration, and my impersonations and character voices are all articulate and clear.
Jeanne I
I am the young raspy character voice with a cool but a quirky edge. Also can sound educational and informative!
Jeff J
Friendly & Conversational • Real & Compassionate • Lively & Fun • Smooth & Professional
Jennifer S
I'm a versatile voice with a range of ages and personalities. I am the energetic kid, ditzy teen, relatable adult, and everything in between.
Jesse H
I'm the guy-next-door, buddy who can also sound educational and articulate. I also have a lot of quirky character voices that have a wide range.
John D
I'm a fantastic mimic and can easily imitate in addition to voicing.
John L
I have a cavalcade of eclectic voices, as well as a pretty decent straight-read. Definitely articulate. Can be fun or dour.
Joseph A
Warm, Deep, Authoritative reader. Commanding presence. Very articulate.
Joseph H
Bass, or low baritone. My voice characteristics; authoritative, urban, annoucer
Julie H
I've got a pretty neutral voice good for YA, though I can toughen up for sci-fi or soften down for romance - including British Regency romance.
Jyl W
The Voice of MANY Voices! Diverse range of ages, accents, and emotions, from warm, confident, and professional to wacky, comedic, sarcastic...
Kate B
I'm your friend in-the-know next door, the smart one that you have fun with. Smooth and authoritative, but also candid and wry. Mid range pitch.
Kate F
highly distinctive voice with deep, warm, rich, elegant tone, intelligent, urbane, well-traveled, strong; wry sense of humor. Evokes Lauren Bacall.
Kaylin C
Warm, nurturing, educational, gravitas, friendly, - I do a lot of animation work, voicing a wide range of ages (kids to elderly).
Keith M
Kevin K
Widely eclectic, huge range, 'toon to heavy scientific jargon.
Kimberly W
Bright. Quirky. Sassy. Funny. Broad. Conversational. Girl-Next-Door type... with a twist.
Kyle S
New York area talent with the everyman voice. "The Guy Next Door." Conversational, trustworthy, soothing, friendly, authentic, playful or sarcastic.
Landon M
Warm, intelligent, humorous and heartfelt voice-over for commercials, animation, video games and audiobooks!
Leticia B
I am born and raised in New York City. I have a motherly sound, a Urban sound and a New York Rican sound. I am also very energetic and fun!
Lois A
I'm the friendly, intelligent woman down the hall. I have a warm and soothing voice, with an elegant delivery.
Lynn N
Voices from tiny tot to best friend, teacher, girl next door (nice or not), mom and/or sister (little or big), private detective or even villain.
Martyn L
I have a soft English young adult voice. I can don accents and change my vocals through pitch/tone to perform roles of different age/ethicist
Michael B
I am warm, informative, engaging; among many other adjectives. But I am always a pleasure to listen to.
Michael C
I specialize in celebrity and political impressions and character voices.
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Michael S
I am your everyday man, modulate and assertive sounding, yet pleasant and a little characterized. I am very articulate, and can sound formal.
Mike P
Apart from being a straight announcer and the fun-loving guy next door, I'm chock full of animated characters, from villains to goofs to old folks.
Miles R
Excited young male, Young Dad, Son, Husband, All American, Comedy, Confident, Conversational, Cynical, Dry, Deadpan, Engaged, Flat, Funny, Genuine,
Mindy G
I am the cheery young woman voice. Mom or teen. My voice is relaxing and calm and takes the edge off insanity.
Mo L
Energetic and approachable educational or technical narration. Friendly, youthful, powerful, or irreverent hard sell. Characters and comic instincts.
Nicholas (Nick) V
I have the "boy next door" kind of voice.
Nicholas L T
I have a unique speaking voice. Mature enough to sound early 30's but easily mistaken to be a teenager.
Nicolaas J
Naturally smooth, low voice with lots of versatility. Able to do a variety of different accents, using high or low registers.
Nikki T
Cheeky, sexy, friendly, warm, smooth. - Also can sound educational and am perfect for children's reads.
Ovais M
Authentic, powerful voice that's extremely versatile and has excellent range. Movie trailer style or guy next door, I can do both in English/Hindi!!
Paul I
I can do a wide variety of voices, from low and bellowing to high and squeaking. Anything that involves screaming, I'm especially comfortable with.
Paul S
Dark, deep, commanding. My voice is a low baritone, but can range to a mid alto. I specialize in the authoritative, or announcer style.
Peter H
My voice is calming, corporate, expressive, neighborly, trustworthy and warm. My delivery style is that of an everyman, grandpa and story teller.
Phil W
Authoritative, yet warm, textured voice, ranging from whisper soft to stadium p.a. strong...smooth, friendly, comforting tone and delivery
Rachel L
From upbeat and fun to smooth and professional to sexy...
Robert C
Strong, deep assertive, instructional
Ronaldo S
I'm a true baritone. I play the Hero, the Newsman, God. I'm also very comfortable with pitch changes to create characters of various ages.
Roshmin M
I have a deep baritone with gravitas for commercials, trailers and narration - can easily adapt to e learning and corporate straight tone too.
Sean H
Sherman A
I have a baritone, warm male voice. I can do very deep bass, raspy, angry voices and various character voices.
Silvana C
My natural voice is relaxed and charmingly sarcastic. I can also sound flirty and sweet girl-next-door.
Stefan Ashton F
I am hard sell, soft sell, no sell, friendly, scary,carbon-neutral-ish, comedic, friendly, natural, wry, dry, believable,deep,versatile, re-useable
Stephanie Pam R
Can be a conversational young mom, a hip teenager, or a professional and confident narrator. Friendly, upbeat, energetic, strong character voices.
Steven Jay C
Friendly, Quirky, Intense, Helpful, Informative, Educational, Accessible
Susan B
My voice is very warm and caring. It can also be very relaxing and bit sexy. Very articulate and endearing at the same time.
Susie S
I am British and can effortlessly perform an American accent. I'm very versatile - classy, fun, articulate, intelligent, sexy, animated.
Suzanne O
I am very articulate with a singularly clear, smooth delivery. My voice sounds professional, educational, engaging, sincere, warm and fun.
Thomas A
I'm the titular teenage boy, the guy next door, but can also sound like the dork in math class. Can have a bit of attitude if necessary or be upbeat.
Tony C
Warm and friendly, with a comic wryness, intellectual authority. Actor with many different kinds of voices available and tons of accents.
Uni V. S
American urban male voice with a motivational and inspirational tone.
Vanessa J
Clear, mid-range, articulate- can be warm & engaging, but also snarky & contemporary. Range of character voices & inflections mean varying age sounds.
William S
baritone, warm, friendly, inviting, can be hip and cool
Zoe M
I'm the friendly,energetic girl in her twenties. I also have a deeper alto resonance that offers the quality of a been-around mom or qualified expert.
chintapalli V
joe w
Full Range