The Little Learning Puppets

The Little Learning Puppets

Ropa Little: Hi Boys and Girls! It’s time for The Little Learning Puppets!

Butch Little: I’m Butch Little, and I love sports! Some sports you play with your feet and others you use your hands. You can play on a team like baseball, football and soccer or play against another person like tennis or golf. One thing’s for sure, sports are cool! Today’s sport is hockey! You play hockey on ice and use a stick to hit a puck into a net.

Ralphie Little: Hi, Ralphie Little here and it’s time to talk about science. Do you know what gravity is? Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards the center of the Earth. Other planets have gravity too! Larger planets have more gravity and smaller planets have less. Spaceships use a rocket to break free from the grip of Earth’s gravity.

Bunny Little: My favorite color is blue. Blue, blue blue! I have a blue crayon, blue car and I love blue bubble gum. What do you have that’s blue? Do you have a blue shirt or blue jeans? Are any of the walls in your house or classroom blue? Some people say blue is a sad color, but when I see blue I think of the ocean or the sky. What’s your favorite color?

Ropa Little: Well that’s the end of our show. Today we learned all sorts of fun words that use the letter “Z”. We saw lots of circles and how the color red is all around us, on buildings, cars and stop signs. Next week Roger’s going to the zoo and Vanessa shows us her new silly sounds dance. See ya then, bye! Everybody dance!