Battle at Brazitos Christmas Day

Battle of Brazitos
Dec. 25, 1846 Col. Alexander Doniphan & 500 Soldiers.... confronted 1,200 Mexican Dragoons camped at Brazito, near Vado, NM.
The exhausted and demoralized Mexicans had stopped to rest and celebrate Christmas.
But, their celebration was cut short.....,when Mexican sentries seeing large dust clouds, assumed Doniphan cavalry reinforcements were coming from the north to join him.
When in reality, it was a large herd of sheep and supply wagons following behind Doniphan’s Troops.
Mexicans were so intimidated by the thought of more soldiers... that the battle lasted only 30 mins and Mexican survivors fled back to Chiuhaha....barely stopping long enough in El Paso del Norte for provisions.
More history, next time, on El Paso History Moments. I’m Melissa Sargent for the El Paso County Historical Commission.

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