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About Starr C

Gender: Female
Reading Age: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s
Languages & Accents:
African American Neutral - Native speaker
Boston - Can perform American English with a Boston accent
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
French Neutral (no accent) - Can perform American English with a French Neutral (no accent) accent
Japanese - Speaks American English with a Japanese accent
New Jersey - Native speaker
New York - Can perform American English with a New York accent
Southern - Can perform American English with a Southern accent
Other Skills: singing, STARR CULLARS Musician/Actress/Martial-Artist 818-799-9584 Starr Shines Tour Promo 1.MOV *TELEVISION: *Featured Reality Star on VH1 Classic's "Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, Season 2". *Chosen musician/performer of the guest Rock Stars on the show *Paul Stanley of KISS and Producer Mark Hudson say: "Starr Cullars is the Queen of Rock!" *LIVE TOURS: *Opening Act for: Parliament-Funkadelic (PFunk), Living Colour, Bad Brains around the USA, 2000-2003. *The SCC (Starr Cullars Crew)- Headling Act for East and West coasts bar/club dates, 2001-2009. Starr Cullars & The P-Funk - 'Red Hot Momma' George Clinton & The P-Funk allstars along with Parliament-Funkadelic feat. Starr Cullars on their European 1994 tour in Paris bringin' u 'Red Hot Momma'. St... *MUSICIAN: Bass-player/Singer/Songwriter *ACTRESS: Theatre/Screen/Performer *HOST: Spokes model/MC *5'9''/130lbs/Athletic *EDUCATION/TRAINING: Sacred Heart Academy, Philadelphia, PA Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA *Ballet/Modern Dance/Combat-Warrior Training *THEATRE: -So Now You Call Me.../ Principle/ Phila Theatre Festival -For Colour Girls.../ Principle/ Phila Theatre Festival -Auntie Mame/ Principle/ Phila Theatre Festival -No No Nanette/ Principle/ Phila Theatre Festival -Funny Thing Happened On.../ Principle/ Duquesne University -Dracula/ Principle/ Duquesne University -Cinderella/ Principle/ Duquesne University -The King & I/ Principle/ Duquesne University -Life with Mother Superior/ Principle/ Duquesne University *FILM: -Raspberry Tart/ Lead/ Andrea Jungert Productions -Black Women in Rock Music/ Lead/ Sheila Hardy Productions -Obsessions/ Supporting/ Raymond Morgan *TV: -VH1/Featured Personality/Musician -David Letterman Show/ Guest-Musician -Arsenio Hall Show/ Guest-Musician -New York Undercover/ Guest-Musician THE SCC/Starr Cullars Crew- "Red Alert " BASS SOLO Rating is available when the video has been rented. Live Footage of the Starr Cullars Crew! In San Diego
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

Musician/Actor/Martial Artist

*Theatre/Screen Actress/Performer
*Choy Li Fut Kung Fu-Martial Artist

The only woman to ever become the sole-female-musician/instrumentalist-member of Parliament-Funkadelic; and the chosen woman named by Paul Stanley of KISS and Mark Hudson (Grammy Award-Producer); to be the "Queen of Rock!" today!

Overview Description Of My Voice:

My voice is a strong Rock Singer's, with smoky, sexy-low, light-growl. Also strong, leader-command.

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