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About Aubrey L

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 20s, 30s, 40s
Languages & Accents:
English Neutral - Native speaker
Southern - Native speaker
Other Skills: impersonations, I can mimic the voices of some of the leading voice over artists including Red Pepper, Peter Cullen, and James Earl Jones. From Movie Reel Introductions, to Video Game & TV Show/Movie Characters, Monster Growls & Sound Effects, to Funny voices, I can do them all. From the depths of the bass vocalist, to a more settle baritone speech, I am a Voice Actor with a voice that will be known by anyone who hears it. I have done radio ads and infomercials for local organizations, and looking to take it to the next level. Please feel free to listen to some of my demo's in order to get a better picture of what I can fully do.
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

I am still very new to VO work, but I have done some work for local church's, charities, and a few ads for a radio station in Weatherford Texas.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I have, what has been described to me as, the Voice of God. With a wide range of vocals from deep booming Bass, to conversational baritone.

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