Dennis C. J's voice_actor_profile

About Dennis C. J

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 40s, 50s, 60s, senior
Languages & Accents:
Boston - Can perform American English with a Boston accent
British - Can perform American English with a British accent
English Neutral - Native speaker
French Neutral (no accent) - Can perform American English with a French Neutral (no accent) accent
German - Speaks American English with a German accent
Italian - Speaks American English with a Italian accent
Russian - Speaks American English with a Russian accent
Southern - Can perform American English with a Southern accent
Spanish Neutral (no accent) - sp - Can perform American English with a Spanish Neutral (no accent) - sp accent
Other Skills: singing, Multifarious and distinct characters, improvisation. Oh and mime!
Union Affiliations: Non-union, SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

I was three original characters in League of Legends, Gangplank, Taric, and Heimerdinger. I have documentation that I recorded narration for 85 separate radio/tv spots, in a single hour session. I've done voiceover work for such companies as Crayola, Harley Davidson, Prevention Magazine, Boston Red Sox, AAA, Lockheed Martin, and Mercedes Benz. I was under contract to be the narrator for the ill-fated game Project Copernicus. Recently I voiced two characters for Fuel Games' Gods Unchained.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

From Sam Elliot to Heimerdinger. A rich baritone narrator. Superior rhythm, tone, range, interpretation. The basso profoundo wrath of a god.

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