Concert Promotion

Judas Priest is back, August 14th at the Giant Center in Hershey. Expierience the drumming thunder of Scott Travis, the looming rythm of basist Ian Hill and the power of KK Dowling and Glenn Tiptons dueling guitars.Combined with the lyrical mastercism of the one and only, Rob Halford. From a griddy smoke filled industrial town in Birmingham England Judas Priest was formed...At that moment..Metal was born. The cinematic stage presence of Judas Priest has entertained millions all over the world, Bang your head to over 4 decades of metal mayhem when Judas Priest takes the stage at the Giant Center,August 14th,to proclaim their legacy as true metal gods.Get your tickets at the Hershey box office by calling 534-3911 thats 534-3911 or on the web at