LIfe's a Blast Products

Introducing two new items from Life’s a Blast products.
First is WHO KNEW?
Who Knew is a personal productivity app available for both Android and IOS. Sooner-Than-Later STL is a product that will help you quit smoking.
First up Who Knew:
Who Knew works when someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to and answers it for you, disguised as your voice. Just download the app and it detects when you are feeling stupid, based on your body’s vibration. It then searches for the answer and pipes up a response on your behalf, in your own voice. Who Knew?
Trying to quit smoking? Try STL. STL comes as a single cigarette designed to give you the ultimate near-death experience. With just one or two inhales, you will instantly slip into a 24-hour coma. When you wake up, your urge to smoke will be completely gone. Guaranteed.
Both products available online. Order today!!