Castle in the Sky

Castle In The Sky
Above the clouds
Beyond legend
There is a castle in the sky
From master film maker Hayao Miyazaki
A girl with a magical crystal
A boy with an irresistible dream
Together they found the courage to take off on an unforgettable adventure
Battling the forces of evil
And protecting the secrets of the castle in the sky
This summer, experience the epic tale of an enchanted princess and a daring young boy, who must save a mystical land from destruction and discover the secret of the castle in the sky.
Walt Disney Pictures presents
A Studio Ghibli Film (*pronounced Jibli)
Featuring the voices of Dawson Creek's James Vanderbeek and Academy award winner Ana Paquin.
The long awaited award winning epic adventure from the director of the Academy Award winning, Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki - A Castle In The Sky!