Bullfrog Buddies...

(Note: This 'Muddyshoes Original' is a 3-Part script. Just wanted to write something quick with some emotion and sound effect challenges for the wonderfully talented folks here.. :)

Scene: 2 big, fat bullfrogs on a log, 'bout near sunset in a swamp down near Pigsuckle Holler... Wearin' straw hats if'n you imagine 'em to:


Bub: Hey, Luther?

Luther: Yeah Bub...

Bub: Uh, Don't look now but Betty-Lou's comin' this a-way.

Luther: (Distressed) Uh oh ... she smilin' or scowlin'?

Bub: Oh, she's a scowlin, like a hound dog that ain't had no supper. Better go hide under that patch o' cat tails.

(Splashing noise)

Betty-Lou: LUTHERRRRRRRRRRR! Where you at you ole bug-eyed toad!?

Bub: I ain't seem 'em Betty Lou,

Betty-Lou: Well I don't 'spose you'd tell me if you did now, would you?

Bub: You know me, Betty-Lou, I don't like to mix with no family squabbles.

Betty-Lou: Well you tell 'em when you see 'em that I had to go to momma's, and i'll be back 'round midnight ... you hear?

Bub: Alright, Betty-Lou, I'll let 'em know.

(flopping noises from a jumping frog moving away)

Luther: (whispers) She gone? I hope she don't hear me.

Betty-Lou: (From a distance) LUTHERRRRR!!!!!, I knew you was there, I'm gonna tan your hide!

Luther: Uh Oh... (Splash and fast swimming noises...going away from mic.)