Sylvia Roldan D's voice_actor_profile

About Sylvia Roldan D

Gender: Female
Reading Age: 30s, 40s
Languages & Accents:
Spanish - Caribbean
Spanish - Castilian
Spanish - Central American
Spanish - Spanish Neutral (no accent)
Other Skills: singing
Union Affiliations: Non-union, SAG, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

Sylvia Roldán Dohi began her artistic career at the age of 10 in Hollywood, CA, voicing a cartoon character on the long-running kid’s show CAPTAIN KANGAROO, and went on to grace stages, studios and screens in Europe, Asia and throughout the United States. As a voice over artist, she’s constantly called for a wide array of voice over work in English, Spanish and both languages combined. She has recorded several audiobooks including GUIA PARA ESCRIBIR PROPUESTOS, ANGELS IN AMERICA, VAMPIRE ACADEMY and DUNE:THE MACHINE CRUSADES. She can be heard on commercials, (LYRICA, SIEMPRE MUJER Magazine) and brings life to narrative work in the medical (Medcom's PEDIATRIC NURSING SERIES), corporate training (LOWE’S Diversity in Spanish and CAPTARIS PARTNER MARKETING in English), and Educational (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY's Anti-HIV Program) fields. In the course of her professional life she has also hosted live webcasts (NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS), provided voices for documentaries (NBC DATELINE), bi-lingual TV credits (PBS’ CYBERCHASE) and served as an on and/or off-camera product spokesperson (UNITED WAY).

After being featured in musicals such as CATS, WEST SIDE STORY, CAN CAN and the Spanish Company of A CHORUS LINE, she appeared on Broadway for the entire ten-year run of MISS SAIGON, and then played the Roller Derby Queen in the Off-Broadway show ROLLER DERBY-The Musical. She’s still getting residual checks from LAW & ORDER:SVU, THIRD WATCH, and the cult film REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS. Sylvia has been lucky enough to work with celebrities such as Alice Cooper, the Carpenters, Clarence Clemons, Dom DeLuise and Charo. She was honored by the New York Newspaper El Diario/La Prensa as an Outstanding Woman of Hispanic Heritage.

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