DocFu and the Health Team

When kids get sick, they see a doctor. And who do their doctors turn to? DocFu and the health team! Based at the Walt Disney Pavilion, they fight disease and bad health! They are: DocFu! Master disease fighter! DocFu is the ultimate warrior! Germs and diseases fear him! Okay.... he’s cute... and yes, he makes you giggle..... But he’s a master disease fighter! DocFu and his team help your doctor make you well again.

The bad guys who make kids sick are called: The forces of misery! This cast of creepy characters includes: Lord Pestilence! Inflicter of disease and suffering. DocFu’s mortal enemy! Living in fiery lava at the center of the Earth, he gives orders to his servants to make kids sick! How can kids get rid of nasty bad guys like these???

You’ll find out! In the adventures of DocFu!