Taco Bell

Interviewer: So you’re applying for the job of teacher?

Burrito: That is correct.

Interviewer: Now we are an equal opportunity employer, but I have to be honest, you are a burrito.

Burrito: Actually, I’m a Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell.

Interviewer: Uh huh, fine. Well, now that I’ve straightened that out, do you have any qualifications?

Burrito: Well, I am cheesy and saucy.

Interviewer: (pause) That’s not exactly what I am looking for.

Burrito: I’m everything you love about a savory, chickeny enchilada, neatly wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. See how snug that is? Now that holds in the flavor.

Interviewer: Let me make this easy for you. Do you have any teaching experience, whatsoever?

Burrito: Mmmmmmmmmmmm. No.

Interviewer: Okay, that’s a wrinkle.

Burrito: But everybody loves me!

Interviewer: Uh huh.

Burrito: And I can make them more fuller.

Interviewer: See, now that’s not even proper English.

Burrito: Did I mention I am cheesy and saucy?


Anncr: Slow-simmered savory enchilada sauce, all white meat chicken, and melted cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled to go. The Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell. For the great taste of chicken enchiladas, think outside the bun.

For a limited time at participating locations. All white meat chicken available in the US only.