Chuck D's voice_actor_profile

About Chuck D

Gender: Male
Reading Age: 30s, 40s, 50s
Languages & Accents:
Boston - Native speaker
English Neutral - Native speaker
New York - Can perform American English with a New York accent
Other Skills: singing, I've been a musician all my life. A Bassist and Vocalist. Also I've been a major market radio Creative Director in Boston for the past 18 years. WAAF/Entercom. Along with my voice over acting skills I can add producer and copywriter chops.
Union Affiliations: Non-union, AFTRA
Personal Marketing Statement:

“I come from the same place your customers do. A family, a home…a real life" Chuck is a real, straight ahead performer with a wry edge, a wink if you will. No announcers here….unless you really want one.
Chucks career so far has led him to perform for national TV campaigns for the likes of Hasbro and Playskool, He’s the ongoing regional voice for Trump Entertainment Resorts and scores of Auto Dealers across the US and Canada.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

I am most often cast in real, straight forward, 30's to 50's roles...with a wry edge, a wink. Also harder sell reads for automotive and toy spots.

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