Cathy A's voice_actor_profile

About Cathy A

Gender: Female
Reading Age: 40s, 50s
Languages & Accents:
Polish - Speaks American English with a Polish accent
English - Spanish Neutral (no accent)
Other Skills: singing, I have professional voice training, and have done amateur classical singing for over thirty years. My voice part is low alto.
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Personal Marketing Statement:

As a school librarian and member of YALSA, I have served on the Odyssey Award Committee (2011) and Amazing Audios Committee (2012). This has allowed me to listen to audiobooks for a children's/young adult audience, from the sublime to the ridiculous. My own delivery has improved as a result.

Overview Description Of My Voice:

A schoolteacher voice comes very naturally to me, as a teacher, but I can also lighten up. It's a voice you have confidence in.

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