The House of Death Haunted House

Announcer 1:
It’s a dark, brisk night and Hallow’s Eve is near. You’re alone in your room, because you have no friends and smell weird, but are bored and want something exciting to do.

Ba-ba-bee-bung I’m so bored and there’s nothing to do. I smell.

Announcer 1:
Told you! So why not get up off your stank bum and head on down to… The House of Death!

Announcer 2:
The House of Death is Kansas City’s scariest, most terrifying haunted house experience around. Featuring new rooms like the Insane Asylum, the Autopsy Room, and the Morgue of Madness. If you make it that far, then venture down the Hallway of Terror and see if you can survive the horror. The House of Death is located under the 12th Street Bridge by The Edge of Hell and The Beast. Gates open at 7 and close whenever the last victims crawl away. Group rates and discounts for parties of 10 or more. Go to your local grocer for discount coupons and come on out to The House of Death, where you’re guaranteed to soil yourself.