Why Push Yourself?

JF: I'm Jerry Fletcher. My "Why Push Yourself?" audio tapes have discouraged millions from getting the job they want.

Man: I heard about all the job listings in the Work Place Mega Section and I was really excited about building a successful career. (lose motivation) But thanks to Fletcher's "Why Push Yourself" program, I never did anything about it.

JF: My demotivational tapes REALLY work. Just ask Janine Carlson.

Janine: Six months after reading the work place section, I became first on my national sales team. Then I played Fletcher's tapes, and after that I just stopped trying.

JF: My tapes will have you turning your back on even the best career opportunities. I guarantee it.

Young woman: I wanted to be a paralegal. When I read the Work Place Mega Section, I wanted to get up right then and call about this great paralegal job. Then I remembered Fletcher's words: It's just gonna be more work. So I went back to bed.

JF: If my tapes aren't completely demotivating, just send them back for a full refund.

Anncr: If you don't push yourself, no one else will. Get the Work Place Mega section. Twice the job listings, more career information. Only in this Sunday's Los Angeles times.