Star Wars: Palpatine Becomes Darth Sidious

Star Wars: Palpatine becomes Darth Sidious

The scene takes place after Darth Sidious (Palpatine) along with Anakin kills Mace Windu
( Samuel L. Jackson)

Anakin: What have I done ????

Darth Sidious: Your fufilling your destiny... Anakin. Become My Apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the force.

Anakin: I will do what ask

Darth Sidious: Gooood !!!!

Anakin: Just help me save Padmae's life.... I cant live without her.

Darth Sidious: To cheat death is the power only one has achieved. But if we work together.....I know we can discover the secret.

Anakin: I pledge myself to your teachings.

Darth Sidious: Gooood ! ....yes... The force is Strong with you. A powerful sith you will become Hence forth you shall be known as Darth ...Vader.

Anakin: Thank you Master.

Darth Sidious: Once more the sith's will rule the galaxy !!!!!!