Prego Restaurant 2

Francesca is waiting for her friend at Prego, the restaurant. She sits by the window and gazes at the women on the street. They are no rivals for me, thinks Francesca. Their skirts are not as short. Their lips do not pout like mine. Their hair is not as ... big. Francesca tosses her head in defiance. Her big hair does not move. It is hard. Like fiberglass. She orders the Pizza Margherita from the fabulous Prego menu and she watches them pass by. She looks at their shopping bags. They are not the nice ones with the little cord handles and shiny paper like Francesca’s, that says she has spent more money than she had to, and that she does not care that she spent so much money. Besides, it makes such a nice purse. Finally her friend arrives, her best friend in the world! Does Francesca kiss her on both cheeks? No, she kisses the air on both sides of her friend’s head. Francesca cares not. It is not as if she likes her best friend.