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Berea Animal Rescue Friends (or ARF as we’re known) finds adoptive homes for almost a thousand stray or unwanted dogs and cats each year.
We’re a no-time-limit facility, which means that our small staff and 300-plus volunteers care for animals for as long as it takes to find them a loving home. We provide shelter, food, medical care and love 365 days a year.
And we do so exclusively through donations and fundraising events.
ARF is grateful for all your support over the past 25 years. Yet now we need your help more than ever…

Recent years have been record-breaking for ARF. Maybe it’s because of the economic downturn. Or maybe it’s just that more people know about us and our services…
Whatever the reason, ARF’s operating costs and the number of animals we serve continue to climb.
And while these numbers have gotten bigger and bigger, our small 1500 square-foot facility has remained the same.
It’s overcrowded (pause), outdated (pause), and desperately in need of structural repair.
That’s where you come in…

ARF performs an essential role in our community by taking care of some of the area’s most helpless creatures. This community needs ARF – and ARF needs our help.

ARF needs a larger dedicated facility… a more spacious home for our area’s unwanted and abandoned animals.

It would be a home for the entire community, too. A place where you could get everything from pet training to low-cost spay/neuter programs.

A larger, more efficient facility will provide a healthy and humane space for abandoned animals, a family-friendly environment for adoption, and a valuable resource for the entire community.

With our current facility facing double capacity, our animals need your help now!
Please go to the Berea Animal Rescue Friends Building Happy Beginnings Capital Campaign website to find out how you can support our cause.
And get us one paw closer to our $5 million goal.

Donate now at

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