San Diego "Happiness Calling"
Happiness (male or female) Not smokey, rough or overtly nasal. larger than life but still earnest.Authentic.
Erin nice, regular gal caught off guard. good understanding of comedic timing.
Anncr: Male or Female Warm, friendly smile to voice. It's anncr role, but still
want approachable, non salesy tone. Conversational.
Anncr 2: Knowledgeable, smooth, not as fast as disclaimer, but friendly upbeat, faster pace

Erin Hello?
Happiness Hi!
Erin: Uh, hey how's it going?
Happiness: Oh, it's going like rainbow sprinkles in the boudoir.
Erin: Wait, what?
Happiness I said rainbow sprinkles in the...
Erin I'm sorry, who is this?
Happiness It's me, happiness..
Erin: Happiness?
sfx harp sounds, birds tweet, waves crash...
Happiness: Happiness!
Erik: Are you serious?
Happiness: No, never...hey, aren't puppies the best?
Erin : Yea, they're cool...
Happiness: And roller coasters, hanging out with your best friend, and boogie
boarding, boogies a funny word...Oh! And the sun in your face, and sandy bare
Erin: Yea, those are all pretty awesome.
Happiness: I know Dave, that's why I'm calling you.
Erin: Wait, who's Dave? My name's Erik.
Happiness: Oh geez, whoops. Wrong number. Lalala (Click)
Erin: Hello? Happiness?
Anncr: Happiness is calling.
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