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Casting and Usage

Talent fees are based on the ultimate usage of the voice recording and the time it will take to record.



Removal of mouth noise, breaths, clicks, pops. We’ll isolate and polish the best takes from your session.

Sound Design

Canned or Foley, our engineers will round out your tracks with high impact sound effects that will enhance your finished project, not detract from it.

Music Licensing

The right music bed can really bring your project to life! We have hundreds of tracks available, starting at $200 per drop.


It’s time to bring it all together! Whether you’re looking for a Standard Stereo Mix or Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, we’ll make sure your final audio mix is perfectly balanced.

File Seperation

Most projects call for one, production ready file. However, if you need multiple files for your end use, we’re happy to meet your deliverable. Let us know how many files you’ll need along with specific naming conventions. Studio resources needed varies based on the number and length of the files required.


We offer translation services in over 100 Languages. Once translated, we can enlist a native copy-writer to make adapt the translation for timing and tone, while preserving the meaning of the original copy. No “Engrish” here!

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