Honey Money

Benny Bunny lived with mummy bunny and daddy bunny in sunny muddy gulley. Across the gulley lived Penny bunny who when Benny bunny saw her, he began to feel all funny.

Penny bunny had a ton of honey and Benny bunny liked Penny bunny's honey. But Penny bunny liked money and refused to be Benny bunny's buddy.

"You can't have MY honey," she told Benny bunny. "Because you have no honey money."

"But wait!" Exclaimed Benny bunny. "I am a funny bunny and one day I will have lots of honey money as funny Benny bunny!"

"Look at Snazzy bunny!" She replied. "He makes tons of honey money as Jazzy bunny. All the girls give him tons of bunny honey. He has so many honey bunnies, it's not funny!"

"I will show you how I can be a tunny funny bunny for honey money!" He told Penny bunny. Then Benny bunny told Penny bunny a funny.

"What is small, black and very dangerous?"

Penny bunny thought about this a tunny and said, "I don't know." She thought Benny bunny was kinda nutty.

"A fly with a machine gun!" Responded Benny bunny.

Penny bunny didn't think that this was funny and Benny was a dumb and boring bunny!

Benny bunny felt kinda sully and went home to sunny muddy gulley. He told mummy bunny the whole skinny on Penny bunny. Benny bunny asked mummy bunny why girl bunnies were born with honey but boy bunnies had to earn honey money for bunny honey.

"You'll always need honey money!" Said mummy bunny. "Even daddy bunny needed honey money for this lovely bunny!"

"But one day I will make tons of honey money being a funny bunny!" He said. "Why won't Penny bunny give me some of her honey, mummy?"

He then told mummy bunny the funny that he told Penny bunny to prove that he could make honey money. Mummy bunny didn't laugh but said instead, "I love you."

So little Benny bunny forgot all about Penny bunny's honey and stayed with mummy and daddy bunny to share all of their honey money in sunny muddy gulley.