Narrator: The office of the Police Commissioner of Midland City.
Commissioner: Yes, come in.
Benton Harbor: Ah, Commissioner?
Commissioner: What? Oh, yes I am.
Benton Harbor: My name is Benton Harbor.
Narrator: He carries in his right hand, a large suitcase.
Commissioner: Put down your large suitcase Mr. Harbor, and tell me what I can do for you.
Benton Harbor: Monday through Friday Commissioner, I am regularly employed as a shoe salesman for a large downtown department store.
Commissioner: Yes.
Benton Harbor: However, my weekends will be free and therefore I will be available to you as the most fantastic crime fighter the world has ever known.
Commissioner: And you will be known as?
Benton Harbor: I will be known as Chickenman.
Commissioner: Miss Hellfinger, please bring your notepad and pencil and
come into my office immediately.
Miss Hellfinger: Yes sir.
Commissioner: Thank you for coming so quickly. Miss Hellfinger this is Mr. Benton Harbor.
Benton Harbor: Hello Miss Harbor.
Miss Hellfinger: No, I’m Miss Hellfinger, you’re Mr. Harbor.
Benton Harbor: Oh yes, how do you do?
Commissioner: Please take a note Miss Hellfinger that Mr. Harbor will be available on weekends to fight crime as….
Miss Hellfinger: Yes
Commissioner: Chickenman.
Miss Hellfinger: Chickenman?
Benton Harbor: Chickenman.
Narrator: Benton Harbor opens the large suitcase. He removes from it a strange costume covered with tiny feathers immediately he begins climbing into it.
Benton Harbor: Would eh somebody give me a hand, please.
Miss Hellfinger: Of course.
Commissioner: Certainly.
Benton Harbor: Just hold up the left wing, please, that’s it fine, there you go.
Commissioner: Miss Hellfinger we’ll need to know how to get in touch with Mr. Harbor.
Benton Harbor: Now the right wing.
Miss Hellfinger: May I have your phone number Mr. Harbor?
Benton Harbor: Of course, watch the feathers please. My phone number is
Narrator: Wellllll, born this day in midland city, the white winged warrior,
who will strike terr-or into the hearts of criminals everywhere
Benton Harbor: Would somebody want to get my zipper back there please?
Miss Hellfinger: Yes, of course.
Benton Harbor: oop, watch it back there.