Habitat for Humanity Restore

Here we have, a ceiling fan. If you asked this fan an accusing question like;

“What have you done with your life?”   

Its response would sound like this......cause its an object.....not a person.

But that’s why I’m here. You see, this ceiling fan’s done quite a bit to save people money, help the planet and build homes.

It works like this. Its previous owners the Smith’s were at a point in there lives when they no longer needed the cool breeze this fan provided. So, instead of throwing it out. They gave it to the ReStore. The ReStore gave the Smiths a tax deduction, sold the fan and funneled the money into Habitat For Humanity.

The Smiths saved money through the deduction
Another family buys a fan for half the price.
Habitat for Humanity continues to build homes.

Every body's in a good mood.

The Smiths are pumped about saving money.
The customer’s ecstatic about a great deal.
Habitat For Humanity.
And obviously, the new home owners love getting a brand new house.
And the ceiling fan, its chillin’.