Taco Bell

Friend 1: Hey, I got you one of those new Cantinas Tacos from Taco Bell.

Friend 2: Thanks man. Oh, hey what's with the lime?

Lime: I see my name precedes me. Do not be alarmed by my presence in your Taco Bell Cantina Taco.
It is true ..I am the lime.
And within this corn tortilla lies a world all of it's own.
It is the VIP room of authentic flavor.

Friend 2: Looking pretty tasty.

Lime: Brace yourself, my friend for inside you will be greeted by marinated steak, diced onions and fresh cilantro.
And it is my pleasure ..no..no, my duty...to introduce worthy guests such as yourself to such flavors..because I AM THE LIME !
And I connect the fabulous with the fabulous.
It is well understood that...ohhhh....you are squeezing...I thought we could talk more,but...I see you got the idea..!
It is our finest taco ever. The new Cantina Taco from Taco Bell - think outside the bun.