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Recording of "Dodge Ram – Sam Elliot" by wayne_ky

33 people have played this

Practice Recording:

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Someone told me to try this, so... what the hey... Definitely no Sam..


Peer Feedback:

Hey Wayne,
Could not really hear you music was too loud.
if you do it again I'll be happy to give you feed back.

Peer Feedback:

Overall, I think it's really good, Wayne, and a good match for your voice. Clarity, pacing and emotion all sound solid to me. Regarding inflection, it starts well but then gets a little repetitive because you inflect each phrase about the same. Treat each phrase separately, maybe even practice saying each one, one at a time, with several different inflections. If you listen to Tom's BMW piece, notice how he does this. Have fun with it; a good script for you to practice with.

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