Sir Quincy Peck Costume Contest Promo

Character Name:

Sir Quincy Peck, Ex-British Soldier, Occult Adventurer of the Apparition Abolishers

Soft pieces similar to a British soldier of the day include boots, pants, fancy button up shirt, dress jacket w/ tails, and pith helmet.


Gear is all found and repurposed objects. The Sonic Blunderbuss™ is designed to store, modify, amplify, and direct the voice of its owner, it can be tuned from a wide dispersal for a shotgun-effect down to pinpoint accuracy at great distance.To use the weapon, the owner speaks into the microphone at the trigger end of the device, articulating the words or phrases that are appropriate for the situation. The weapon stores those words and processes them into the relevant sonic projectiles (adding any necessary waveform modulation). When the trigger is pulled, the sound is presented with monumental amplitude from the business end of the blunderbuss, at great peril to those foolish enough to remain in its path. The Portable Power Pack is a crucial component designed to generate steam on demand for the Blunderbuss, as it would be impractical (nigh impossible) to include an adequate steam boiler within the weapon itself. The pack derives its power from a vertically-mounted Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator which provides the wattage to heat the water in the small boiler at the bottom of the rig. The steam can then be safely dispensed as needed to the other team members’s weapons and gear through the removable high-pressure injectors, shown hanging on the left of each pack in the photos. Samurai sword used for closer combat situations.
OTHER: Signature pieces include pipe, war ribbons, patches and medals on jacket, plus feather and goggles on the pith helmet. Famous for hunting and beheading the elusive wendigo in the Canadian wilds. The head is currently being kept alive via the Shelley Technique in the WACKEE (Wendigo Anatomic Conservation and Kinetic Equilibrium Enhancer). (If chosen, can send photos of the WACKEE for a larger accessory reference.)