Nearly four decades ago, two titans of the hospitality industry came together to create a unique and powerful venue management solution.

Thirty-fve years later, with a renewal rate of ninety-four percent, USB remains the gold standard in venue management.

Each year, fifty million guests will experience the latest hit musical, the conference highlight of their business year, the football play of the decade, or the concert of a lifetime.

They’ll spend one-point-five billion dollars on twenty-eight thousand events ranging from Broadway to Super Bowls, Mega Concerts to the Olympics, Conventions and Car Shows to product launches.

With fifty-two thousands employees in eleven countries, USBs track record for success has paid off. USB managed venues create a vibrant cultural life, build tourism, and foster a robust local economy.

A city’s reputation depends on the excellence of it’s public facilities – and so does ours.

We are USB.