Barclays - "Big"

What is this about BIG?
You know
seeing the Big picture,
having the Big idea.
Clinching the Big deal.
Nobody wants attention to the little deal.
Nobody wants to do that.
You'd be a little deal clincher.
A small shot.
when you want a burger,
you go and get a Big Mac.
You go to the fun fair
you ride the Big Dipper.
Turn on TV and you see Big Bird,
or you're afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.
When I was growing up
I wanted to be the Big Man,
I never wanted to be the little man.
Even the little man wanted to be the Big Man.
When you go to America you go to the Big Apple,
not the little apple.
When I get up in the morning
I want a Big breakfast.
I want my girl friend to say good morning Big Boy.
To which I'll reply,
I've got a Big day today.
Big meeting
with the Big Chiefs,
from the Big Studio.
It's a Big time
for the Big Bucks.
And she'll turn to me
rolling her Big blue eyes,
and say, “Big Head”.
I retort, “What's the Big Deal?”
And give her a Big kiss.
And I'll get in my Big car,
set off into the Big wide world,
she'll give me a Big wave,
close the door of our Big house,
Look in the mirror and say,

Does my bum look Big in this?

And in my Big meeting
I'll turn to one of the Big hitters
and I'll say,
“I love this movie,
it's gotta be Big.
There's only one small problem
my fee,
I'd like it to be

What's the word?